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How to use Farco-fill Protect

Please ensure to read the full instructions for use before using this product. Instructions for use are provided on the product packaging.

  1. Ensure the indwelling urinary catheter is well positioned into the patient's bladder
  2. Before removing the grey cap from the end of the Farco-fill Protect syringe, free the plunger by gently pressing it
  3. Remove the grey cap* and insert the Farco-fill Protect syringe into the catheter balloon port
  4. Inflate the catheter balloon**
  5. Once the catheter balloon is inflated, remove and dispose of the Farco-fill Protect syringe

* Remove any air from the Farco-fill Protect syringe before connecting the syringe to the catheter balloon port

** Farco-fill Protect comes in prefilled syringes of 10 ml. The amount to be instilled depends on the filling volume of the catheter balloon and the type of catheter (generally 5-10 ml).

Please note: samples can only be ordered by healthcare professionals

Farco-fill Protect

Patient A had been having issues with his urinary catheter for over a year, with urinary bypassing and catheter blockages. This resulted in the patient having to consistently call out the District Nursing Service to address these issues and he required frequent re-catheterisations, often on a weekly basis. The District Nursing Service began routinely visiting every day to provide urine PH checks and bladder washouts, to prevent these issues as possible. He was then commenced on a trial of Farco-fill and within a few months his catheter management significantly improved. The urine PH decreased from being consistently alkaline to neutral, which allowed him to receive weekly saline washouts rather than Suby G. He experienced much less frequent urinary bypassing and his catheters were consistently lasting the planned 4 weeks before being changed. As a result of the improvements after this initial trial period, the patient no longer required routine bladder washouts, therefore his visits were reduced to weekly then monthly for routine catheter changes. The patient and his carer both stated how they felt this product had helped improve his quality of life. The District Nursing team also felt using Farco Fill had been beneficial, not just for the patient themselves, but improving caseload management, with a reduction in both call outs and planned visits in this case.

Community Nurse from Scotland - November 2020

Farco-fill Protect

Patient = Recurrent blocker Supra pubic catheter: weekly or less re-catheterisations, We Recatheterised 15/10/20 and used the Farco-fill for the first time. Fingers crossed, it’s lasted this long without changing !! I am shocked !!!

Community Nurse, Grampian - November 2020

Farco Fill Protect

I am a specialist continence nurse in the community and for many years have been dealing with difficult catheter problems alongside my community nurse colleagues and one of the main problems is the constant blocking leading to patient discomfort from bypassing and leakage of urine or the patient being unable to pass urine at all. Catheter maintenance solutions have their part to play but often the catheter then just blocks again within a few hours or days. The nurses are called out at all hours which is not only interrupting their time within their already busy schedule but is costly as more often that not a new catheter is required.Briefly Farco Fill Protect (FFP) replaces the sterile water that is in the catheter balloon and does its magic by working on the encrustation formed on and within the balloon to remove it.Hence since using this product on those patients that constantly block, has changed the life of many a patient as their catheter needs changing 4 weekly now instead of every week or twice a week or even every other day! They are able to plan a social life, book their next catheter change appointment and be released from constant worry of ‘when is my catheter going to stop draining’.I have found that since introducing FFP to our staff and patients that this has helped save time and money for our organisation and most importantly improved the patients quality of life.Catheterised patients have many issues and FFP is something we can offer to help. It can be used in conjunction with other management strategies or on its own.I hope this testimonial is of use as it is a reflection of my experience since using it.

carolyn Freeman - October 2020

Farco-fill Protect

We have used Farco-Fill for several of our patients with chronic catheter problems which include significant debris, bypassing and spasms. They have all noticed to varying degrees a positive improvement in their symptoms. We have had one patient who required interventions 3/4 times a week go to just having their catheter changed once a month as advised.

Community Staff Nurse, Scotland - July 2020

Farco-fill Protect

My District Nursing team decided to trial me with this product. My catheter had been getting blocked every few days or so. When they first used Farco-fill Protect, the period between catheter changes was much longer, say 2-3 weeks instead of my previous "3-4 days"I was extremely pleased with the results of Farco-fill Protect. Unfortunately, they decided to stop using Farco-fill Protect and put me back on the original solution.I don't know the reason, and can only presume it was the cost?

Alfred John Moore - December 2019

Miracle Solution

This was recommended to me by my advisor as I was suffering a lot of pain and infections. Along with blockages also.Since using Farco-Fill I have been infection free and can go to 6-8 week changes which is brilliant as I couldn’t make 3 weeks before.I’m totally amazed my bladder pain has eased considerably along with spasms also.

Karen Campbell - November 2019

Not had so many blockages and infections since using this product

Since I have been having this product in my catheter, life has been so much better. I no longer get sediment building up round the balloon which has made it much easier when having the catheter changed, which used to be very painful. I’ve not had so many blockages or infections.

Peter Banham - February 2019

This product is revolutionary for patients and HCPs

I have prescribed this product for many of my patients in the 3 months that I have been in post.Mr. L has found the product 'life Changing'. His wife has spent 2 hours every morning over the past few years 'milking the catheter' sometimes even trying to flush it out with the shower ! Farco- fill had an immediate effect on his well being to the point where he was able to go away on holiday without any concerns.A slow start for Mr. M who had many problems and call outs for his blocked/bypassing catheter. However he has just completed his first 4 weeks of being trouble free after two uses of Farco-fill.Mr. W very frail patient with complex medical needs. Persistantly blocking catheter. Farco-fill prescribed and now he gets a weekly visit from the District Nurse for CMS (which possibly isn't needed, however the family are anxious not to stop it).I think this product is revolutionary for the patients and the HCPs as it cuts down on visits and changes patients lives......does what it says on the tin for most of the patients who I have prescribed it for :)

Independent Nurse Prescriber - November 2018

The benefit for the patients has been immeasurable

Farco Fill has been an extremely successful product for some of our patients experiencing regular urinary catheter blockages. It has not worked for everyone, however for those it has worked for the benefit for the patients has been immeasurable. The patient stories are very powerful; a patient in his nineties can finally go out to his chess club as his catheter is more reliable now, another patient was experiencing catheter blockages several times a week requiring unscheduled nursing care visits and trips to Urology in the middle of the night - since commencing Farco Fill this has ceased and the catheter is now lasting four weeks.

Independent Nurse Prescriber - November 2018

Established scheduling for change of the catheter with reports of a significant reduction in pain and discomfort

We have tried Farco-fill Protect on several long term catheterised patients with complex history that required a catheter change every few days. The majority of patients who tried the product saw an improvement with the time between re-catheterisation extending on each new use. One of the worst was a gentleman with long term degenerative conditions, a history of chronic UTIs and a catheter that was changed every few days due to bypassing and blockage. Since using Farco-fill Protect we have managed to establish scheduling for change of the catheter with reports of a significant reduction in pain and discomfort related to the catheter change.

Sharon Holroyd - December 2016

How long will Farco-fill Protect extend the in situ catheter time by?

As every patient is different, there is not a definitive answer regarding the extension of in situ catheter time. In our own evaluation, Farco-fill Protect was able to extend the average in situ catheter time from 14 to 24 days. In addition, Farco-fill Protect eliminated the requirement for catheter maintenance solutions, required fewer nurse visits, and improved patients’ quality of life.

Will Farco-fill Protect prevent blockage in all indwelling catheters?

Farco-fill Protect is effective for the reduction of blockages caused by Proteus mirabilis and Proteus
vulgaris. Triclosan has no effect on blockages caused by Providencia rettgeri. It should be emphasised, however, that Proteus mirabilis is the most commonly responsible urease-producing bacterium involved in catheter encrustation while Proteus vulgaris and Providencia rettgeri are only found in 5-10% of catheter biofilms.

In addition blockage is not always caused due to encrustation and there are a number of other reasons why a catheter may block. Farco-fill Protect will not be effective in these situations.

Can Farco-fill Protect be used in suprapubic catheters?

Farco-fill Protect is a sterile solution designed to inflate the catheter balloon of both indwelling
urethral and suprapubic catheters.

What is the suggested volume I should use to inflate the catheter balloon?

Farco-fill Protect comes in pre-filled syringes of 10 ml. The amount to be instilled depends on the filling volume of the catheter balloon specified by the catheter manufacturer, and is normally between 5 and 10 ml. Please read the instructions before use.

How often can Farco-fill Protect be used?

You can use Farco-fill Protect every time you change a catheter; however, it is recommended that
the solution and therefore the catheter are changed every 4 weeks.

Is Farco-fill Protect available on prescription?

Farco-fill Protect is available on prescription. It can be obtained through a pharmacy or any home
delivery service such as our sister company SecuriCare.

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