Glossary Of Useful Stoma Terms


Adominoperineal Excision Of Rectum (APER)

This surgery involves removal of the anus and rectum, with the anus being sewn up. It is performed on those with cancer in the lower section of the back passage, leaving a permanent colostomy.

Anterior Resection

A type of ileostomy surgery where the higher part of the rectum is removed and the colon is sewn onto the lower part of the rectum.



When the stoma bag inflates excessively due to wind, or blows off.

Barrier Film

A skin care product that is applied to the skin around the stoma before attaching the stoma bag to the body. It helps to prevent sore skin by creating a barrier to protect the skin from stoma bag leaks and the adhesive on the flange. Find out more here.


Closed Bags

Usually worn by those with a colostomy who tend to have a well formed and more solid output. Closed stoma bags must be fully removed and changed. You can order a free sample of a variety of closed stoma bags here.


A surgical procedure where the large intestine or colon is cut and brought to the surface of the abdomen to form an opening where faeces can pass through. A colostomy can be formed from any part of the colon depending on the underlying condition but most commonly they are formed from the descending colon and will appear on the left side of the abdomen.

Convexity (Convex Stoma Appliances)

The outward curving of a base plate or skin barrier. The convexity allows the stoma to stick out more to ensure the output empties into the pouch instead of underneath the pouching system. Find out more here.


Drainable Bags

Worn by those with a more fluid output, such as those with an ileostomy. Those with a colostomy may also choose to wear them if their output tends to be more fluid. The bag is drained of it's contents several times per day through an outlet at the bottom of the bag, which is secured by velcro or a clip. You can order a free sample of a variety of drainable stoma bags.



Built into most stoma bags, it enables gas to escape from the bag but not odour.


A separate adhesive ring that is used for two-piece stoma bag. The flange can be kept on the skin for a couple of days with the new stoma bags being applied to the flange whenever changing is required.

Flange Extenders

Provides additional adhesion to the flange.

​Flushable Colostomy Bag

Enables those with a colostomy to dispose of their used stoma bags by flushing down the toilet. Find out more here.


Hartmann’s procedure

An operation where the lower part of the colon is removed and the rectum is left in place.


Ileal conduit

The name for the surgical procedure that enables urine to pass through a urostomy and entirely bypass the bladder .


Surgical opening from the ileum to the surface of the abdomen to form a stoma.


The middle section of the small intestine.


​Medical Adhesive Remover

A skin care product that helps to prevent sore skin and pain by enabling easy and gentle removal of stoma care pouches from the skin. Find out more here.

Motion Management Sachet

Thickens a high volume of liquid output into a more manageable consistency. Used mostly by those with an ileostomy and some with a colostomy. You can order a free Motion Management Sachet sample here.


One piece stoma bag

A stoma bag system where the bag and the flange are combined as one appliance. The entire system needs to be removed during bag changes.


Another word for a stoma, can refer to a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.



When the output collects around the stoma and squeezees between the flange and the skin instead of going into the bag.


A type of ileostomy surgery which removes the entire colon, rectum and anal canal.

​Parastomal Hernia

When a bulge appears under the skin due to the intestines pushing through the muscles surrounding the stoma. This can make applying stoma appliances difficult, but concave stoma bags can help.

Peristomal Skin

The skin immediately around the stoma site. Prolapse - when the stoma extends outwards, with the bowel protruding through the abdominal wall.


Retracted Stoma

The opposite of a prolapse, this is where the stoma appears sunken or in a dip.


Not all stomas are permanent. Depending on the type of stoma surgery that the individual received, they may be able to undergo reversal surgery to reconnect the ends of the bowel and close the stoma.



A surgical opening in the abdomen to allow for disposal of faeces or urine.

Stoma Cap

A smaller stoma bag designed to be worn for short periods of time. Often worn in situations where a larger stoma bag may cause discomfort or embarrassment. Find out more here.

​Stoma Measuring Guide

A card used to measure the stoma to both monitor the size and help to select the appropriate stoma bag size.

Stoma Paste

Designed for uneven peristomal skin, it helps to smoothen and level skin irregularities, improving the securement of stoma bags. Find out more here.

​Stoma Pouch

An alternative name for a stoma bag.


Total colectomy

A type of ileostomy surgery where the entire colon is removed, but the rectum is left in situ.

​Two piece stoma bag

A stoma bag system where a separate bag and flange are attached to each other using either a clip-on or stick-on coupling system. This means that the flange can remain on the skin during stoma bag changes, so that the bag can be removed separately.



A passageway made for urine to pass from the kidneys to the outside of the abdomen to form a stoma. You can order a free sample of a variety of urostomy bags.



Seals that are designed to enable stoma bags to fit more securely to uneven peristomal skin just like our Hyperseal Washers with medical grade Manuka honey.

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