Urology & Continence Care

Managing urology and continence care 

Urology is a branch of medicine that focuses on disorders of the urinary tract, whereas continence care is about helping people to manage their bladder and bowel functions. Visiting your GP or a Continence Care Advisor can provide you with the appropriate professional advice. If you have a query about your continence care routine, you can also call the CliniMed Careline for free confidential advice on 0808 1596 017.

Urology And Continence Care CliniMed

Products for urology and continence care 

CliniMed distributes a range of urology and continence products that are available via the NHS, suitable for both men and women. You can browse our available products and order free samples online to try. If you are a patient, you can then ask your GP to add these to your prescription or, if you are a healthcare professional, you can order them in for your patients.

Information and support services

In this section you can find detailed information about the urinary system and bladder control, the different methods to treat incontinence, plus urology and continence care related FAQs. There is also a glossary which provides a breakdown of common urology and continence care terminology, plus a page providing advice about where to go for additional help and support.

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