Stoma Care Products

CliniMed distributes a wide range of colostomy bags, ileostomy bags and urostomy bags, as well as a range of stoma skin care and accessories

Stoma bags

Different types of stoma bags (also known as pouches) are available, which vary in size and shape and according to the type of stoma you have as follows:

Colostomy bags

Tend to be closed bags; they are sealed at the bottom and are suitable for stomas that produce semi-formed output, such as colostomies. These bags offer a discreet and convenient option, as they can be easily removed and replaced after use. Closed bags are ideal for individuals with a more predictable bowel movements or those who prefer regular stoma bag changes.

Ileostomy bags

Drainable bags feature an opening at the bottom with a closure system, allowing the content to be emptied without removing the stoma bag. This type of bag is commonly used for stomas that produce a more liquid output, such as ileostomies. Drainable bags provide flexibility and convenience, enabling individuals to empty the contents at their convenience and reduce bag changes.

Urostomy Bags

Urostomy bags are specifically designed for individuals with urostomy. These bags have a tap outlet to manage urine drainage and handle urine output effectively.

Aura Plus Range

Our Aura Plus range of stoma bags, which have the added benefit of a plus-shaped flange with medical grade Manuka honey, are available in the types listed above, available with a flat flange or a soft convex flange.

Stoma skin care and accessories

CliniMed has a range of skin care and accessories products such as CliniPeel Medical Adhesive Removers and CliniShield Advance non sting barrier film range. Other favourites are HydroFrame with Manuka honey, and UltraFrame film flange extenders helping your stoma bag feel more secure.

Free stoma product samples

Free samples of all our products can be ordered online or visit our contact us page. In addition, our home delivery service can supply all stoma products free of charge directly to your door.

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