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LBF Barrier Spray

I used this on my 2 year old sons bottom (nappy rash) as it was very sore and in the morning his bottom was back to normal. After spending aprox. 60+ on different products, LBF barrier spray worked amazingly. I used it on myself after getting skin burn (chard - under my arm), the spray was so fine and sprayed in the correct area without the feeling of heavy cream based ointment. Very happy with the product.

K Fryer - June 2016

What is LBF Sterile Barrier Film?

It is a sterile no sting skin barrier for use as protection from the harmful effects of corrosive bodily fluids, friction and adhesive trauma.

How does LBF Sterile Barrier Film work?

It uses silicones to create an easy to apply barrier to protect skin.

Will LBF Sterile Barrier Film sting my skin?

No, it does not contain any alcohol, so it will not sting even on sore skin.

Can LBF Sterile Barrier Film be used on injured skin?

Yes it can.

Is LBF Sterile Barrier Film available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is LBF Sterile Barrier Film nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

Can LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray be applied upside down?

Yes. It can be sprayed at all angles including upside down.

Does the propellant in LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray ever come into contact with the LBF fluid?

No. LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray uses compressed nitrogen as the propellant, which is completely separated from the product. LBF Sterile fluid is filled into the bag and the propellant is filled into the area between the bag and the can.

Products in this range


LBF Sterile Barrier Film Foam Applicators - Wound Care

Pack Size: 5 x 1ml, 5 x 2ml
Order Code: 1ml 3824, 2ml 3825

  • Application with precision
  • Individually packaged
  • Ideal for single use settings
  • 1ml covers area of at least 15cm x 15cm
  • 2ml covers area of at least 25cm x 25cm

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray - Wound Care

Pack Size: 1 x 30ml or 1 x 50ml
Order Code: 30ml 3827, 50ml 3826

  • No sting or cold sensation
  • Great for skin that is too sore to touch
  • Sterile for each application
  • 360° dispensing
  • Bag-on-valve allows 100% usage, no waste

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Wipes - Wound Care

Pack Size: 1 x 30 wipes
Order Code: 3820

  • Market leading barrier film wipe
  • Individually packaged
  • Ideal for single use

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