Stoma Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your stoma that you feel embarrassed about, such as wind or odour, don't panic as you're not alone. In this section, you can read about issues ostomates may sometimes experience, plus find advice approved by Stoma Care Nurses explaining how best to deal with these issues.

Stoma Problems Clinimed

Some stoma problems, like diarrhoea and ballooning, can often be managed by following dietary advice whilst others, such as leaking, pancaking and sore skin, may be helped by using a different stoma care product or applying your current products in a more appropriate way. However, more complicated stoma problems, like a prolapse or hernia, will require consultation and guidance from a Stoma Care Nurse. You can find a list of Stoma Nurse Clinics across the UK here, which are offered by our sister company, SecuriCare home delivery service.

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