Stoma Care Learning Resources

Stoma care guides

CliniMed has created a number of booklets for patients on various aspects of stoma care, including separate practical guides to stoma care for specific stoma types, tailored to caring for a colostomy, ileostomy or a urostomy. There is also a guide providing nutritional and dietary advice after bowel surgery. Copies of these booklets can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Colostomy Guide To Stoma Care CliniMed

Ileostomy Guide To Stoma Care CliniMed

Urostomy Guide To Stoma Care CliniMed

Nutritional Advice After Bowel Surgery

Free online stoma care course

We also offer a free online eLearning course for new stoma care nurses or anyone caring for someone with a stoma. The course offers defined learning outcomes, optional case studies and involves a multiple choice test with a certificate that you can print upon successful completion. The stoma care course consists of 8 bite-sized modules including:

  • Introduction to anatomy and physiology
  • The role of the stoma care nurse specialist
  • Effective communications in stoma care
  • Cultural and religious issues in stoma care
  • Post-operative stoma management
  • Important aspects of stoma management
  • Educating patients in self care
  • Steps prior to patient discharge

Take part in this free stoma care course by clicking here.

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