Aura Plus: Peer Review in the British Journal of Nursing

Aura Plus - Improving Stoma Patient Outcomes

Aura Plus from CliniMed was the recent focus of Clinical Nurse Specialist, Fiona Le Ber’s peer reviewed clinical article in the British Journal of Nursing.

We were very pleased to work with Fiona to provide stoma pouches and research to support the article, which looks at reducing the risk of complications for stoma patients.

In the article Fiona addresses the most common complaints from ostomates; leakages and sore skin. It details how, even with correct pre-surgical assessment and siting of a stoma, future complications and poor product choice can lead to leakages, sore skin and ultimately negative effects on the ostomate’s quality of life.

The importance of choosing the right stoma appliance

The article shares two case studies, each showing how product choice can positively impact patient outcomes. Alongside the research provided by CliniMed it goes to demonstrate the importance of technical advances in stoma appliances and the impact they have on patient outcomes.

You can read the full article below.

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Click the image below to read the full peer review

British Journal of Nursing stoma care supplement front cover
BJN, 2021, Vol 30, No 16 (Stoma Care Supplement)

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