Catheter Securement

When it comes to securement for continence products, we understand the importance of preventing movement that can potentially lead to urethral trauma and damage to the bladder neck. That's why we offer two types of catheter fixation device in a range of options to suit individual's needs.

Our CliniSure retaining straps are designed with patient comfort in mind and to securely hold urethral catheters, suprapubic catheters, or sheath systems in place, ensuring they stay in the intended position throughout the day. In addition to retaining straps, we also offer a unique multi-purpose catheter/ medical tube holder.

CliniFix is designed to help resolve the problems associated with tape and straps whilst reducing the risk of infection and trauma caused by medical tube movement. With our securement solutions, patients can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that their continence products are held securely in place, minimising the risk of unintended movement or displacement.

Explore CliniMed’s range of securement options and discover the benefits they bring to your continence care routine.

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