Urology Products

CliniMed distributes a range of innovative urology products


CliniMed is the UK distributor of Instillagel, an anaesthetic, antiseptic lubricating gel for use prior to cystoscopy or catheterisation. It contains a local anaesthetic to protect against pain, antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection and lubrication to dilate the urethra before inserting a catheter. Instillagel has been the gel of choice for healthcare professionals for over 30 years.


Instillaquill is a single use extension tube to be used with Instillagel.

Farco-fill Protect

Farco-fill Protect is a sterile solution used to inflate indwelling catheter balloons. Clinical evaluation has shown that it can extend catheter wear time, eliminate the need for catheter maintenance solutions and lead to annual savings of £530 per patient. Farco-fill Protect contains 0.3% of the antimicrobial agent triclosan, plus purified water, macrogol and macrogolglycerol hydroxystearate.


Instillamed is a bladder instillation therapy that contains 2 GAG layer components (hyaluronic acid & chondroitin sulfate). Instillamed is instilled directly into the bladder via a catheter using a Luer Lock connecter. 

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