Urology Products

CliniMed distributes a range of innovative urology products


Anaesthetic gel, which also offers antiseptic and lubricating properties, is a P licensed medicine, used in various urological procedures and gynaecological investigations to minimise discomfort and pain. This gel is specifically formulated with an anaesthetic component to numb the area, providing temporary relief and a smoother procedure during catheterisation, hysteroscopy, or other gynaecological investigation.


Instillaquill is a sterile tube facilitating the instillation of local anaesthetic into the cervix prior to gynaecological investigations, enabling healthcare professionals to perform procedures comfortably and efficiently. Instillaquill is specifically used in day case or minor outpatient procedures such as outpatient hysteroscopy, where a local anaesthesia may be required. Both products are essential in urology, contributing to improve patient experiences and procedures.

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