Urology & Continence Care Products

CliniMed’s incontinence and urology products use innovative technologies that have been designed with both healthcare professionals and users in mind

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Incontinence Products

Farco-fill Protect is a sterile solution for the inflation of the urinary catheter balloon, containing the antimicrobial agent triclosan. By reducing encrustation and catheter blockage, Farco-fill Protect can extend catheter wear time and eliminate the need for catheter maintenance solutions. With Farco-fill Protect healthcare professionals could benefit from reduced emergency call outs and unplanned hospital admissions, whilst patients can benefit from an increased quality of life.

Curan catheters are designed for men and women who carry out intermittent self-catheterisation. Curan Man and Curan Lady are compact and discreet, easy to open and have a gel chamber that ensures a smooth mess-free coating. They also feature smooth polished eyelets, making insertion and removal easy, to help prevent irritation. The Curan Advantage intermittent catheter range includes a male, female and unisex option. This range of hydrophilic catheters, all have an integrated sterile water sachet that’s easy to use, providing quick and fresh activation. The smooth hydrophilic ComfortCoat® provides low friction and prolongs lubrication to ensure comfort on both insertion and removal.

CliniFix is a comfortable medical tube fixation device and is ideal for securing sheaths or other medical devices. CliniFix can help to reduce the risk of infection and trauma caused by inadvertent movement of tubing that goes directly into the body e.g. indwelling catheters.

LBF Barrier Cream is for intact skin only, providing protection from bodily fluids whilst moisturising the skin - without blocking incontinence pads. LBF Sterile Barrier Film and Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover use healthcare grade silicones to protect both intact and injured skin. LBF Sterile Barrier Film protects skin from the harmful effects of corrosive bodily fluids such as urine and faeces, as well as adhesive trauma from medical adhesive devices such as sheaths. Appeel Sterile quickly and easily removes any medical adhesive device, helping to reduce skin trauma and pain.

Urology Products

Instillagel is an anaesthetic, antiseptic, lubricating gel which is administered by healthcare professionals to patients prior to catheterisation. It helps to reduce pain and risk of infection being introduced, whilst lubricating to help the process go smoothly. Instillaquill is used to facilitate the use of anaesthetic gels like Instillagel prior to gynecological investigations.

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