Urology & Continence Care Products

CliniMed’s incontinence and urology products use innovative technologies that have been designed with both healthcare professionals and users in mind

Welcome to CliniMed’s product page for incontinence management, urology supplies, continence skin care, and catheter securement solutions designed for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Catheters and sheaths

For individuals requiring urinary catheters or incontinence appliances, CliniMed provides an assortment of options, including gel catheters, hydrophilic catheters and urinary sheaths.

Drainage bags

To complement these catheters, we offer a choice of urine drainage bags to ensure a reliable and discreet collection of urine.

Urology Products

CliniMed’s urology product includes anaesthetic antiseptic lubricant gel administered by healthcare professionals to ensure patient comfort and safety during procedures such as catheterisations and gynaecological investigations.

Continence Skin Care and accessories

CliniMed’s LBF skin preparation barrier films and creams provide a protective layer against corrosive bodily fluids like urine, minimizing the risk of irritation and helping protect the skin from the adhesive. Additionally, medical adhesive removers, can help reduce skin trauma and discomfort for an easy and painless removal of medical adhesive devices.

Catheter Securement

CliniMed’s range of products also includes essential catheter securements such as catheter retaining straps and a unique multi-purpose catheter/ medical tube holder, providing securement and comfort. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional, we understand the importance of securement solutions. The range of securement devices ensures that medical tubing, sheaths, and other devices remain firmly in place, minimizing the risk of infection and trauma caused by accidental movement.

Explore our product selection and find the solutions that best meet your needs. We are committed to providing high-quality products that promote comfort, convenience, and overall well-being.

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