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Win win!

I use the Aura Flushable when I’m away from the house, that way I don’t need to bag anything (no smell) and it is ecological!

Mrs P Bone - April 2019

Aura Flushable

Aura Flushable... You don't know you are wearing the pouch, really convenient and effective when used with flange extenders for extra security. Always provided in agreed time (from sister company, SecuriCare) great service.

Ian Reedman - March 2019

I felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bag!

Hi, I would just like to say: to anyone wanting to try the disposable colostomy [Aura Flushable] bag, you’ll be so happy you did. I’ve had my colostomy just over 1.5 years. I wouldn’t let anyone see me in my colostomy bag and I really hated how I looked and felt. My clothes never felt right, partly because of where my stoma had to be placed and partly because of the size of the bags.I was just about to go on holidays when I got some free pouch samples, seals and caps [from CliniMed]. All I can say is I’m now ordering [Aura Flushable] for my next delivery! They’re so easy to use. You just pull the front cover off and put it in the bin. The bag and flange can both be flushed away. I was in Spain and they even flushed away there which was great, plus I had no problem with them adhering to the skin even though it was very warm.The flange is so neat against your skin...I felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bag! It turned my confidence right round. I bought a bikini and I was able to go to the beach or lay by the pool, without feeling like people were looking at me! I must say I felt very proud of myself.I never thought I’d feel this way again. So a massive thank you from bottom of my heart!

Jane Aicken - June 2018

A simpler, less time-consuming change, which is nearer to normality

I can honestly say Aura Flushable bags spell freedom, and are aesthetically liberating too. The ability to walk away after a bag change with a clean pouch cover which goes in the green re-cycling bin is a triumph. The inner pouch goes straight into the toilet to be flushed away. (I empty a 2 pint jug of water into the toilet to ensure a thorough flush). I have a small pedal bin lined with a black sack, in my bathroom, and into it I put my wet wipes and any un-flushable materials. I use one black sack a week. Before I changed to Aura Flushable, I used to use one per change! So much less rubbish with the flushable bags. I am told that a number of colostomists suffer from depression - understandable when you know what we are tied in to. The flushable bags offer an aesthetic way of a simpler, less time-consuming change, which is nearer to normality. The Manuka honey in the sticky circle ensures the skin round the stoma is kept healthy, and is a thoughtful addition. I heartily endorse the Aura Flushable bags, and wish all colostomists to have the opportunity to try them.

Kathleen M - May 2018

I never knew such a thing existed!

I am over the moon with the flushable pouches - they have made a huge difference to my life. No more redness on my skin and no more pancaking!

Mrs A M Midlothian - November 2015

I cannot believe how great they are!

The flushable pouches have given me back my social life which I thought was gone forever following my stoma operation. I now have no worries about pouch disposal when I'm away from home or just out for the evening with the girls. They have given me hope.

L Haveron - June 2015


These pouches have simply changed my life!

J Elliot - May 2015

Can't imagine life without them

Have been using these pouches since their beginning and cant imagine life without them now. Excellent on long haul holidays, never been any problems.

G. Covington - May 2015


I have been using these pouches for about 8 months now they really are so convenient and easy to use and extremely comfortable. I go swimming regularly and have never had any problems with them. They really are the best.

Susan May - February 2015

Life changing!

I would just say that Welland flushable pouches have changed my life and made it comfortable. As you advertise, I can go anywhere now and feel free from anxiety.

Lynn of Surrey - February 2015

Flushable pouches

Thank you for your first 2015 newsletter, I have been using your Flushable Pouches for the past year or more and I wouldn’t be without them. Apart from being able to dispose of them so easily it so little time to change them, I reckon 5 minutes. I have never yet had a mishap with them – and I am 89 years old. P. Marshall (Mr)

Mr P. Marshall - February 2015

Manuka honey pouches

I really liked these and was just about to place my order when I got your e.mail re the flushable ones. I will try those please and hopefully I can place my order for them very soon Many thanks Barbara Rogerson

Barbara Rogerson - February 2015

FreeStyle Vie Flushable- Colostomy Bag

As a Crohn's patient, I have an Ileostomy. My Crohn's is systemic and I continue to get flare ups even after surgical intervention. Before I had my total colectomy surgery in 2006 I was an avid swimmer. I loved it. My confidence suffered a major blow after I got my permanent Ileostomy. I tried to get the courage to go but my bag was too bulky and I had the fear of leakage. Then I discovered the FreeStyle Vie Flushable bag. It comes in two sizes and I got the Mini size. When I applied it, it felt really comfortable and for extra security I put the Manuka Honey flange extender on as well. The size of the bag was perfect and did not look bulky, in fact it was barely noticeable inside my boxers and jeans. It was then I thought about going swimming with this new bag in situ. So I went swimming and used the FreeStyle bag with great success. Its comfortable and hugs the contours of my tummy making it very concealed through my bathing shorts. When I feel well enough I like to go for a swim and now I have the confidence to do so all thanks to this wonderful new product. Thanks everyone at CliniMed for this amazing product as it brings me joy and normality when I feel well enough to go for a swim while using FreeStyle Vie Flushable. Kindest Regards, Finbarr Griffin (Republic of Ireland).

Finbarr Griffin - August 2014

Flushable stoma bags

I'm a newbie to these bags although I've had a stoma ( colostomy ) for over 4 years now. These have been wonderful to wear as well as disposing of. I'll not go back to my old bags, these are so comfortable, soft to the skin. And able to dispose of flushing without the worry of looking for a bin. I can't praise them enough, when you have a stoma for life which I am, or for some one to have for a short while, it's nice to know that products like this can make your life that much more bearable with comfort. Thank you. :)

Julie Kennedy - August 2014

Flushable Bags

I have been using flushable bags since 2004 (a year after my original surgery) I would recommend them to anyone if only for the extra confidence and independence they give. I find them especially good on holidays including long haul flights .It's not always best to "stick to what you know", a change is sometimes for the better.

George Covington - March 2014

Freestyle Vie Flushable Stoma Pouches

Ever since I had my ileostomy removed and a colostomy formed in 2010 I have used the Freestyle Vie Flushable pouches. I did some research at the time and tried samples of different pouches on my ileostomy first and the problem to me was lack of convenience and the amount of waste generated into the black bins. The flushable pouches create hardly any waste and the soft outer lining is recycled. The only waste I create is a half a wet & dry wipe each time which goes into a black liner in my cupboard in the toilet and this is put into my black bin once a fortnight. As long as the instructions on flushing are adhered to there should be no problem. The pouches themselves are very soft and the adhesion very good and I certainly have hardly had a problem with leaking or pancaking. I do wish more colostomy patients would use these as in my opinion they are not only comfortable and convenient but more environmentally friendly.

Robert Newton - March 2014

The Rolls Royce of stoma pouches

You do not know it’s there – very very comfortable. The filters are far better than old pouch, in fact they are brilliant. After the trial was finished and I went back to the old pouch, you knew how good this new product was. It is like driving a Rolls Royce one day and then changing to a Mini, the difference is huge. I will speak to my nurse about how good they are. Well done.

Mr J.M. - Cumbria - October 2013

A disposable pouch which is no trouble with arthritis

I have struggled with my other disposable pouches as I have arthritis in my hands but the new ones were no trouble at all. The pouch was absolutely great, I thought the other disposable pouch was good but these new ones are great. I cannot praise them enough

P.G. - October 2013

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