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Yoga guide for ostomates

We caught up with ostomate Michelle and yoga instructor Steve Munn to bring you our exclusive guide to yoga for ostomates as well as some useful breathing techniques to get you in the zone!

As an ostomate, exercising and keeping fit can bring up a number of concerns; what exercise can I do now that I have a stoma? Will my bag leak while I’m exercising? What if I can’t keep up with those around me?

Adding gentle exercise to your routine whether you’ve recently made a full recovery from surgery or you’ve had a stoma for a long time can help prevent health issues such as parastomal hernias as well as help improve your mental health. Introducing yourself into exercise after surgery can be daunting, but with the right know-how and products, exercise can be enjoyable!

We recently spoke with Michelle, an ostomate who enjoys living an active lifestyle. Michelle found yoga to be a gentle way to ease herself back into exercise. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise, which is completely adaptable to you. With poses to suit everyone’s ability level and health concerns, yoga focuses on both the mind and body, so great for those who want to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

Michelle recently met with yoga instructor Steve Munn to create a 20-minute yoga flow, suitable for ostomates of any ability level. Speak with your stoma care nurse to make sure you’re ready to take up an exercise routine then check out the video below:

person doing yoga

Like many ostomates, Michelle used to have concerns about exercising and whether she may experience leaks while living her active lifestyle. Michelle has been using our UltraFrame Film Flange Extender for some time and she decided to put it to the test during the filming of the yoga flow. We spoke to Michelle after filming to see why she loves UltraFrame and how it’s allowed her to continue being active without worrying about leaks.

Want to try UltraFrame for yourself?

UltraFrame® Flange Extenders are the thinnest flange extender in the world. Made from an ultra-thin, transparent film, it keeps your flange securely in place whilst your body keeps on moving.

  • SECURE - Keeps the flange securely in place and provides an effective seal against leaks.
  • DISCREET - The ultra-thin, low profile and transparent film reduces visibility under clothing.
  • COMFORTABLE - The smooth and lightweight film allows the skin underneath to breathe. It acts and feels like a second-skin.
  • WATERPROOF - UltraFrame maintains integrity and shape when in contact with water and stoma output. It's ideal for bathing and swimming and it's perfect for active ostomates.

Find out if Ultraframe can help you enjoy exercise and activity without the fear of leaks


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