New Look Curan Lady

We’re thrilled to introduce Curan Lady, the same great product, with a fresh new look.

Following customer and HCP feedback requesting a more feminine, discreet and aesthetically pleasing product, Curan Lady has been given a makeover!

Curan Lady’s new appearance includes a change of colour and a new curved appearance while maintaining all the features and benefits that make this ISC such as popular choice among patients.

Please note, there will be no changes to the Curan Lady box or the catheter itself.

When will the new Curan be available?

As a business we always strive to make sure that we aren’t adding to waste plastic. Therefore, Curan Lady is being introduced to the market as a ‘rolling change’. This means that as we run out of the old style Curan Lady, we will start to ship the new version. Only once we have run out of the old stock of a particular charrier size (i.e. 8,10,12 or 14), will a patient or HCP receive the new stock.

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