Introducing CliniShield and CliniPeel

We are excited to announce the launch of two new products. CliniPeel Adhesive Remover and CliniShield Barrier Film. We're incredibly proud of the hard work and innovation that has gone into every element of creating these products.

Our ‘Clini’ range of skin care products are cost effective, without compromising on quality. We’ve used high quality ingredients, while being able to provide cost savings to the NHS.

These products have been produced in the UK by companies from within the CliniMed Holdings Group; FMP (Healthcare Manufacture and Packaging) and HydroKem Aerosols. Our close group relationship, innovative technologies and UK locations means we’ve been able to create a cost effective, innovative and eco-friendly option in the medical adhesive remover and barrier film space.

CliniPeel Medical Adhesive Remover Range

Technology has come a long way since the launch of the very first oil based medical adhesive removers. CliniMed has been at the forefront of innovation since the creation of our first spray ‘Clear Peel’ in 1999. In 2002, we were the first company to develop and introduce a range of silicone-based adhesive removers for use in stoma care.

Since then, we have continued to research and develop our products, with the help of feedback from our patients and healthcare professionals. CliniPeel wipes now join the range, hot on the heels of CliniPeel Mint spray, our fragranced adhesive remover. Helping us maintain and grow our reputation as a market leader in the adhesive remover market.

CliniPeel manages to remain highly effective whilst being cost-conscious by utilising a single grade of high quality siloxane. With reduced and recyclable outer packaging and bag on valve technology to ensure complete product usage and provide impressive eco-credentials.

CliniPeel is available in a range of formats to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Here are some of the key features of the CliniPeel Range:

  • Aids quick and easy stoma pouch removal
  • Quick drying, no residue
  • A skin friendly, alcohol-free formulation
  • Includes bag-on-valve technology for 360° application and no cold sensation* on application
    (*unlike traditional aerosol sprays)
  • Zero waste – up to 100% emptying which ensures maximum value
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • Available in a Mint fragrance spray

CliniPeel is available in unscented spray and individually wrapped wipes as well as a mint scented spray.

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Prior to barrier films existing healthcare professionals used egg white on the skin and dried it with a strategically placed oxygen mask to create a barrier (we’re not joking!)

After discovering the need for a more effective, simpler solution, in 1988, CliniMed created CliniMed Barrier Film Wipes, which in 1990 were rebranded to CliniShield, our first CE marked product.

To this day CliniMed is the market leader in barrier films having developed our LBF range of barrier films with LBF sterile being the only sterile barrier film on the market.

CliniShield Advance Barrier Film has been created to meet the needs of the NHS and healthcare providers as a highly effective barrier, available in different formats as a cost-effective alternative to current products. By using a single siloxane silicone, reducing packaging and introducing our bag on valve technology we believe we’ve met this need, without sacrificing on quality.

CliniShield Advance is available in a spray and wipe format, to suit the patient's needs. Here are the key features of CliniShield Advance:

  • Up to 48-hour skin protection
  • No sting, no chill formulation
  • Tacky texture helps pouches stay put
  • Wipes are individually wrapped, so they won’t dry out
  • Bag-on-valve spray cans for 360° application and zero product waste

Speak to our product specialists today to find out how you could save by making the switch to our CliniPeel and CliniShield range.

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