CliniMed Team Wear Stoma Bags For World Ostomy Day 2018

The themes of World Ostomy Day 2018 on 6th October were 'All In For Ostomy' and 'Speaking Out Saves Lives'.

The CliniMed team, alongside our sister company SecuriCare, combined both concepts by wearing stoma pouches for the day. There were 3 aims: to show solidarity with the ostomy community; to gain a little more insight into the day-to-day life of our customers; and to help raise awareness, both within our own company and the outside world.

Here at CliniMed we take pride in what we do and are always looking at new ways to improve our products and services. Wearing stoma bags helped us improve our understanding of the needs and experiences of our customers. Although it could only help provide insight into one small aspect of living with a stoma, we wanted to make the experience as authentic as possible: Vicky Burrows, one of SecuriCare’s Community Stoma Care Nurses volunteered to help site our pouches and filled them with a little water and Morform gelling agent to provide a more realistic experience.

Those who took part did find it gave them better appreciation for a number of topics we frequently talk about in the office - such as the importance of products that are discreet under clothes, comfortable to wear and don't irritate the skin.

We had colleagues from across CliniMed and SecuriCare taking part. Amy Fleming is our Assistant HR Advisor, she said;

“I really enjoyed participating in our World Ostomy Day activity – it’s given me an insight into how much our products and services here at CliniMed and SecuriCare help to change and save lives. It was great to see so many people across the company taking part.”

To see a few images and to read more feedback from the team about their learnings from the day, please visit the SecuriCare blog.

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