A Roundup Of News From Throughout The COVID Pandemic

Work From Home Series

From March, we were instructed as a country that people should start working from home where it was possible to do so. As a company, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the welfare of our staff, many of our team members began working from home.

This was a brand-new way of working for many of us, but it went incredibly well and there were no interruptions to the services we provide.

As you may have seen on our social media channels (CliniMed's Facebook, SecuriCare’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) we asked some of our Patient Services and Business Development team members to send us some photos of them working from home. We thought it might be nice to share a few friendly faces that you might have spoken to throughout lockdown!

We may not be in the office right now, but we are #HereForYouFromHome.

Rainbows for the NHS

Since the country went into its first lockdown, the rainbow has been used as a symbol of hope to show support for all those who are working hard to keep others safe. There have been many ways in which the public has managed to demonstrate their solidarity, with things like the 5K challenge or clap for our carers.

Colleagues at CliniMed and SecuriCare created these magnificent displays for our High Wycombe office! Not only did team members show their support at work, but we also received several photos of rainbows from home.

Our Support For All Nurses

This year was officially named ‘The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife’ in honour of the 200th anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. It has been more essential than ever during the pandemic to reflect on the dedication and expert clinical care that nurses bring, and the impact they have on so many lives. Nurses and midwives are often the first point of care in their communities and play a pivotal role in the care and recovery of their patients. We wanted to show our appreciation to all of those who have shown such hard work and commitment to caring for others during these troubling times.

Throughout 2020 we delivered a series of blogs based around inspirational nurses. In this series, our Stoma Care Nursing team shared their nursing inspiration stories with us. Our Clinical Services Director, Stephen White, also wrote a blog specifically to mark International Nurses Day which took place on the 12th of May. Stephen shared a little about his journey and discussed the inspirations from his youth which set him on a path towards a career in nursing.

Elsewhere, Emma Vernon, SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurse Manager, shared her thoughts with us about nursing during 2020. She expressed her thoughts and feelings around the challenges this year has brought us, and acknowledged all those nurses and medical professionals who have lost their lives whilst doing their jobs. “This year isn’t how we would have chosen to highlight what we do, but we will roll our sleeves up and like the difficulties Florence Nightingale and many other inspiring nurses went through, approach this unforeseen experience together as medical professionals”. Continue reading on SecuriCare.

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