Breathing and Movements guide

This guide has been developed by Stoma Care Nurses and Pilates Instructor Andy to help people of all ages and abilities reduce the risk of developing a parastomal hernia.

Whether you’re yet to have stoma surgery, you’ve recently had surgery or you’ve been living with a stoma for a long time, this guide is designed to gently build your strength and confidence to allow you to move freely.

Can I use this eBook if I already have a parastomal hernia?

This programme is also suitable for those who have already developed a parastomal hernia. It’s important to stay active when you have a parastomal hernia, to reduce the risk of the hernia getting larger and to improve comfort.

Meet Pilates Instructor Andy

Andy had stoma surgery in January 2020. After surgery, Andy took part in clinical rehabilitation with Sarah Russell, a Clinical Exercise Specialist.

Andy worked with Sarah to further understand how movement is beneficial from a clinical point of view and the way in which people with a stoma should perform movements to ensure they're done safely.

front cover of breathing and movements guide

Breathing and Movements Part 1 - Fundamentals

Breathing and Movements Part 2 - Preparation

Breathing and Movements Part 3 - Moving On

Breathing and Movements Part 4 - Progression


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