HydroFrame® Mini With Manuka
Honey Flange

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HydroFrame Mini with Manuka Honey


Extra adhesion and extra security with no redness

Finbarr Griffin RGN, Nd sc, Nd phys, Med, mInstP. (Crohn's patient).& founder of Crohn's Support,Tralee - July 2014

My name is Finbarr and I have Crohn's disease. I have an Ileostomy also and I was diagnosed in 2002. I am a registered general nurse. I was delighted to receive samples of the new Manuka honey products and I am glad to say that I have road tested them. My fear is always leakage from around my bag so when I used the new flange extenders it gave me extra adhesion and above all extra security. It also was so comfortable on my skin and there was no redness due to the Manuka honey. The mini Hydro~Frame are a very welcome addition to my stoma changing kit. They are so useful when I go for a swim as they are not as large as the normal Hydro~Frame and provide extra security also. Having road tested these new products I have found that my skin has improved and there is no redness or dryness.

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