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Review This Product
Review This Product

LBF Wipes

These wipes take the sting out of your skin and stop it getting red and inflamed.

Mr Michael King - September 2019

LBF Wipes

LBF barrier Wipes are an essential part of my stoma care. I would not be without them, at my stoma review with my stoma nurse 3 weeks ago she passed comment on how healthy my skin was & how good it looked. I never change my bag without using the LBF barrier wipes.

Mrs Angela Phillips - August 2019

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray

This product forms a clear film between my skin and my pouch. This works really well, my Stoma Nurses are always very please with the condition of my skin around my stoma and the whole area covered by my pouch.

Mrs Ann Maidment - August 2019

LBF Barrier Film Spray

I had used Cavalon Barrier Spray until I was given a trial of the LBF Barrier Spray when it was first released. I really liked the LBF Spray as it seemed to give a slightly thicker and more resilient covering than the Cavalon, I also feel it gives my appliance a slightly better seal/bond. The LBF Spray nozzle doesn’t seem to clog and gives a fairly consistent spray whereas the Cavalon pump action spray is more awkward to use and can clog up occasionally. The only negative I have found with the LBF Spray is that it takes significantly longer to dry so I usually assist the drying with a small battery operated fan. I’m prepared to live with that negative as overall I find it works better for me in the other aspects I have mentioned.

Mr Ian Inglis - August 2019

LBF Wipes

Perfect. Prevents the skin surrounding my stoma from getting sore. No waiting for the area to dry as it does so instantly!.

Mrs Doreen Shaw - August 2019

LBF Wipes

I have been using LBF wipes for wiping the skin under my ileostomy for 12 years now, during every bag change. I mainly use them for wiping any excess adhesive that has been left when I remove my bag and as a bonus they also protect my skin. I have used LBF wipes throughout 2 pregnancies and 2 major bowel surgeries and over all of these changes they have never failed to keep my skin in great condition.

Mrs H M - August 2019

LBF Wipes

I have always used these wipes right from leaving hospital with my CliniMed "kit bag". The wipes really do seem to protect my skin from the potentially uncomfortable burning and attack by gut acids. On occasions when a very loose output has attacked the skin immediately around my stoma, relief has been obtained when washing the affected area and wiping with the barrier wipes.Have never seen the need to change to other manufacturers barrier wipes even having tried other product samples.

Mr. Howard Thorpe - August 2019

barrier film wipes

After undergoing a urostomy, pouch changing left my skin red & sore under the area where the adhesive had been - until I was introduced to LBF by my CliniMed urostomy nurse. Ever since, using an LBF wipe at each pouch change, my skin around the stoma has returned to the same normal colour as the rest of my abdomen and is no longer sore (I change my pouch every three days or so).

Mr Michael Luxton - August 2019

LBF Wipes

I use the LBF Sterile Film Wipes to remove glue from my skin and to clean my stoma. They are handy to take on a night out when I don't have room for my spray remover in my small bag. They are so handy and very useful.

Miss Lorraine Ellison - August 2019

LBF Foam Applicators

I have used both of these products (applicators and wipes) and highly recommend the foam applicators. I find that the foam applicator has the right amount of cream on it and covers a lot better. I find that the wipes are good but tend to use more because they dry out quick. I only use the foam applicators now.

Miss Sarah Johnson - August 2019

LBF Wipes

I wouldn't be without my wipes. Simply the best for removing any stubborn adhesive and ring residue. Provides protection from leaking output burns whilst not compromising the seal.

Mrs Diana Litchfield - August 2019

LBF Wipes

Not got a regular area around the stoma. Got dips & creases. The wipes make sure all the area is dry & the bag will adhere much better.

Mrs Lynda Smith - August 2019


I have been using these for a number of years now with excellent results even when my area has been bleeding, these wipes usually stop it and allow me to carry on fitting my product very quickly and without fuss.

Mr Graham Hutchinson - August 2019

LBF Wipes - the difference has been amazing

I'm really enjoying using these wipes, as before I had very sore red skin from the constant putting and taking off, of the stoma bags, but then I tried using the LBF Sterile film wipes every time I changed my bag and the difference has been amazing, my skin has become quite 'normal' and so soft I'm very happy. Overall I would definitely recommend using these wipes every time you change your bag.

Mrs Lesley Simons - August 2019

LBF Wipes and Spray

I have been using both these products for several years now and have found them to be in helping provide that extra barrier on the skin around my stoma which is mostly always very sore and broken, without (LBF) it would be even more painful.

Mrs Manjula Patel - August 2019

I love the LBF products...

I have tried a few other ones but they are nowhere near as good as LBF!

Mr Adam Hull - July 2019

Barrier Wipes

I have used this product for years and find it very good and easy to use, it has protected my skin therefore I have not had any problems. Overall a very good product that I would recommend to any person with a stoma.

Mr Derek Oliphant - April 2019

LBF Barrier wipe

I have used these wipes for many years and would not be without them. Gentle on the skin too as my skin can be quite sensitive.

Sharon Leo - July 2018

The only barrier product that has helped my sore skin

LBF spray is the only barrier product that has helped my sore skin, I’ve been trying to find one for years. The sore skin is already fading.

Anonymous - September 2016

LBF cleared up burning within 2 days!

I've had my stoma since 2006, I have a terrible burning from waste getting onto the skin, I've tried all different types of products and nothing worked. I tried the LBF and within 2 days it had cleared up!

Jennifer Cooper - September 2016
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What is LBF Sterile Barrier Film?

It is a sterile no sting skin barrier for ostomates to use as protection from bodily fluids and adhesives around peristomal skin.

How does LBF Sterile Barrier Film work?

It uses healthcare grade silicones to create an easy to apply barrier to protect skin.

Will LBF Sterile Barrier Film sting my skin?

No, it does not contain any alcohol, so it will not sting even on sore skin.

Is LBF Sterile Barrier Film available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is LBF Sterile Barrier Film nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

Can LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray be applied upside down?

Yes. It can be sprayed at all angles including upside down.

Does the propellant in LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray ever come into contact with the LBF fluid?

No. LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray uses compressed nitrogen as the propellant, which is completely separated from the product. LBF fluid is filled into the bag and the propellant is filled into the area between the bag and the can.

Products in this range


LBF Sterile Barrier Film Wipes

Pack Size: 1 x 30 wipes
Order Code: 3820

  • Market leading barrier film wipe
  • 30 individually packaged wipes
  • Discreet and conveniently pocket sized

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray

Pack Size: 1 x 30ml or 1 x 50ml
Order Code: 30ml 3827, 50ml 3826

  • Apply without touching the skin
  • Great for skin that is too sore to touch
  • No sting or cold sensation
  • Spray from any angle

LBF Sterile Barrier Film Foam Applicators

Pack Size: 5 x 1ml or 5 x 2ml
Order Code: 1ml 3824, 2ml 3825

  • For more precise application
  • 5 individually packaged applicators
  • Available as 1ml or 2ml applicators

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