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Limone Spray

I love the Limone Spray. The smell of it is not too strong but strong enough to eliminate the odour from my ileostomy bag. The can is not too big to fit into your bag but it lasts ages. It can be sprayed in the toilet when you change or empty your bag. Or I spray it onto my clothes if I have forgotten my body spray. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.

Mrs Alison Bakewell - April 2019

The only product I've used continuously.

What is that? asked a Nurse in a medical ward.That is Limone. A couple of sprays.That is so nice. Stoma sprays can be a bit overpowering. Is it new?No. I've had my ileostomy for 27 years. Always used it. The only product I've used continuously. Because it's the best.

Brian Murphy - February 2019

Best ostomy deodorant spray I’ve found so far

I have to say this is the best ostomy deodorant spray I've found so far. Really helped up my confidence with having to empty my bag in public! Glad I tried a free sample!

Emily Hackworthy - May 2018


This spray is a must for anyone with a stoma. What's brilliant about this spray is how it actually does completely remove the smell, rather than covering it up for a while, and its compact size means you can easily keep it in your bag when you're out and about.

Katherine Chesworth - November 2017

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