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Hi Folks, I have been an ostomate for 26 years, I have used seals in the past for any sore skin, this product with manuka honey is very effective. When I offered my sample I was called by a very friendly and helpful member of staff. I have added the seals to my order. Many thanks

John - April 2020


I used to get really sore around the base of my stoma and suffer from allergies to lots of bases. Since using these the honey helped heal and now protects the skin. Fingers crossed I haven't had sores around my stoma for months.

Mrs Gillian Smith - October 2019

Really useful product

Really useful product if you suffer from leakages from your pouch due due an awkwardly shaped stoma. The Manuka honey does a great job in reduction skin irritation to a minimum.

Mr Terence Bowen - October 2019

Very Pleased

This product was recommended to me by my stoma nurse soon after I had an ileostomy in October 2018. Alongside moving from a flat to a convex pouch system, the purpose was to position the stoma better. I was experiencing problems with leaking, Initially, I would cut the 'small' 4mm washer in two, positioning half at a time to make the protruding ileum more upright. Now, my abdomen having changed shape, I use the whole washer each time, but make one cut from inner to outer diameter and flex the material as necessary to achieve my objective. With a little practice, the washer is not difficult to apply, is unobtrusive in use, and comes away automatically with the stoma pouch on disposal. I am very pleased with my 20 item boxes as supplied on prescription.

Mr Peter Durrant - October 2019

I would highly recommend using them

Prior to using the Manuka Honey Washer, I used a paste because my stoma was done as an emergency and is sited right on my waist, so I had an awful lot of trouble with it constantly leaking due to the creases. Whilst still in hospital and being fed via drip, it was mainly water filling the bag, and in a day they had to change the bag/bed/me 8 times, that's when they tried the paste which worked.However it did cause a lot of skin irritation and left my skin very sore. Anyway that's when I saw an advert in the colostomy magazine for the Manuka honey washers, and I asked to try them and by God, what a difference. I wouldn't use anything else, my skin is healed lovely, and is looking just like the surrounding area of skin. I would highly recommend using them, especially anyone with sore, red skin, it's healing benefits are proven. Overall 10/10.

Mrs Lesley Simons - October 2019

a big difference

When I first had my ileostomy I got really red and sore around the stoma that it would blister and bleed, I mentioned this to the stoma nurse at my review she suggested these washers and gave me some to try. After a couple of days the skin around the stoma was much better and not as inflamed, I found that my stoma bag fit much better and more secure and have had no leakage at all.It surprised me that something so simple could make such a big difference.

Mrs Georgina Mawson - October 2019

a great help

I found these a great help - making the flange more secure. I think the manuka honey also helped with any soreness.

Mrs Diana Dunne - October 2019

Help to heal

Hyperseal washers with Manuka Honey help heal the rawness I get around my stoma at times. I even break it up at times to use on other areas under my stoma base plate that might get sore too.

Mrs AnnMarie Spiby - October 2019


Found washers to be comfortable but need to be warmed up to become more tacky. Not to be handled much or the shape can become too large. They will over-stretch if not careful. Only use the backing paper as a non-stick for handling. Remove one backing paper off the seal and then cut the opposite side to allow the stoma to be seen in the correct position and remove second paper ring to make a good fit pressing on well to the second appliance which has also been warmed.

Mr David Challoner - October 2019

Great product

I have very sensitive skin and these washers do not irritate me and they last on for a good 4 to 5 days.

Mrs Suzanne Boxford-faulkner - October 2019

total game changer

I always use hyperseal washers, they were a total game changer for me. I used to experience leaks every night before I discovered them but now I don't and they do keep my skin well protected too. I would definitely recommend these

Mrs julie young - October 2019

pliable and easy to use

I really like the Manuka honey washers. They are so pliable and easy to use and I’ve had no trouble with the pouches since I’ve been using them.

Mrs Patricia Chick - October 2019

extra security

Hyper seals give me extra security , and because my Stoma is small it also helps to push it through a bit more, before my bag goes on, plus the Manuka honey helps heal my skin around the Stoma very good product all round.

Mr William Maitland - October 2019


I use these washers all the time. They are great. They stick well they seal well. I would highly recommend as really help to protect my skin x

Nicole-Marie Brown - October 2019

the best

I have tried most other rings but for me they work the best. If you break them you can mould them back together.

Mr Kevin Cobb - October 2019

Manuka seals

Great fit. Soothing for my skin and really easy to remove upon changing. Great for travelling and Holidays; so convenient.

Mr David Cross - April 2019

Hyperseal washers with manuka honey

These are so soothing on damaged skin, plus good adhesion!

Ms Bernadette Hynes- Cafferkey - April 2019

The most brilliant product I have used!

CliniMed Hyperseal washers are the most brilliant product I have used. These were recommended to me by a stoma nurse 3 years ago following some problems I had with my stoma and the surrounding skin. Once my skin improved I tried several other types which just did not work as well or protect my skin so wonderfully well as the CliniMed Manuka ones. I would so recommend these to anyone who has such problems, they have so improved my personal day to day life and my stomas health too.

Mrs Karen Byrne - April 2019

Manuka honey extenders and washers

I had an accident in my car about 15 years ago. The seat belt cut under my stoma and the surgeon cauterised it. As I got older my skin stretched which caused bad bleeding that wasn't helped by being on warfarin. I couldn't go anywhere, lost my confidence. Then I found Manuka honey extenders and washers, it felt like they saved my life, they have healed that wound completely. I can't live without them - CliniMed are the only company that make these. Now I go out without the fear of bleeding. Thank you CliniMed.

Mrs Patricia Hart - April 2019

Finally I've Got Clean Skin

I have raw skin around my stoma for nearly a year and nothing the nurse tried helped. I asked for a sample of Hyperseal Washers. They actually made a difference at the first bag change. Thank you

Anne McC - December 2018

These have saved me!!!

I won't ever use another type - I was getting sore and these are the only washers that cleared it up x

Hannah Cousins - November 2018

excellent product

dad had sore skin around his stoma due to leakage, using this product has healed his skin, stopped the leak and he has longer use from his pouch!! fantastic

zena carney - October 2018

Thank you!

I had constant soreness around my stoma, until I started using the Manuka Honey washer, been using for 1 year and I am clear of all soreness, thank you so much.

Mr Alan Martin - October 2018

manuka honey seals

I recently requested these as a sample because I was experiencing sore skin around my stoma, I found them very easy to use and the soreness has almost disappeared, I have now added them to my prescription ??????

jenny donnelly - July 2015

Healed in a week

The ulcerated area by my stoma which had been present for 4/5 weeks has almost healed completely within a week! Fantastic product - I have now added to my prescription.

Mrs R. B. - Cheshire - February 2015

Brilliant Product

This item really suits me and is far far better than anything which I have used before.

D Bates - January 2015

No irritation & not itchy

I always used washers around my stoma as that area is particularly susceptible to irritation due to the output from my Ileostomy being very loose. To my surprise I received the samples of HyperSeal Washers with Manuka Honey. They are fantastic,my skin around the stoma has no irritation and is not itchy.

Finbarr Griffin RGN, Nd sc, Nd phys, Med, mInstP. (Crohn's patient).& founder of Crohn's Support,Tralee - July 2014

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