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Review This Product
Review This Product

Ultra frame extender

I had tried several extenders before this but they were not so good. However this one is excellent. I would certainly recommend it.

Bruce - July 2020

Ultra frame Flange Extenders

Tried sample. Absolutely brilliant. Easy to apply and remove. No sore skin.Will order when I need to reorder.

Jeanette Preston - July 2019

Give you confidence

Easy to use, comfortable to wear , simple to remove. They give you confidence when wearing them. No where near as bulky as other extenders on the market.

Colin MacEachern - July 2019

Excellent product

I do a lot of swimming and recently did a jet ski experience day wearing these flange extenders. They are so thin and comfortable and did exactly what I wanted of them, kept my flange well and truly secure and in place Will be adding them to my prescription,

John Brady - June 2019


...hope there will be a pouch made of this material soon? They’re excellent.

Tess Kilgallon - June 2019


These are amazing, hoping my stoma nurse allows me to add to my prescription.

Clare Taylor - June 2019

Fabulous product

Shame they only come in packs of 20 as I use two at a time! Not just leaks I have to contend with, trouser waist rubs on top of pouches.

Adam Rosser - April 2019


These are great. Not had a leak since using them.

Glenn Norman - April 2019


These are the best things... I can sleep through the night without [my pouch] lifting, only things I use now!

Marcia Smith - April 2019

These flange extenders are amazing!

They are easy to apply and are really thin-(I often have to double check I've remembered to put them on!) but they are also really strong and secure. They hold my bag on securely all day,without any peeling of the edges. Even after a bath or shower they stay stuck firmly, and are dry within seconds.I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants a bit more security for their bag throughout the day.

Mrs Helen Nobbs - March 2019

Ultraframe Film Flange Extenders

A simply superb product by CliniMed. I have had all sorts of other products but none as good as this. It gives you almost total confidence against leaks when playing sports. I thoroughly recommend this product. It would be better if CliniMed brought out various sizes of this product as I could do withn it being sligtly smaller in size.

Mr Shamsher Pangu - February 2019

The future material of ostomy care

I am incredibly amazed with these Ultraframe extenders by CliniMed. They are completely unlike all the traditional thick sticky extenders. This material is from the future! They genuinely feel like skin. They are so light it feels like you're not wearing anything at all. The extenders are really invisible, I keep touching my skin because I can't believe they are on. You can actually feel your skin underneath and it allows the skin to breathe unlike the traditional extenders. I am impressed with how they move with your body and leave zero residue when they are removed.The Ultraframe extenders fixed a big problem for me, which is why I wrote this review and perhaps it may help others. I have very sensitive skin and had been suffering from a rash under my current extenders and all the other extenders I tried did not help (as they mostly all use the same adhesive). The skin underneath wasn’t able to breathe and every time I used extenders it just got worse. But within days of using the Ultraframe, it all cleared up. They allowed my skin to finally be able to breathe.CliniMed have really created an amazing product. I hope you extend this material to other stoma accessories. It would be really useful for people with sensitive skin if you used this to create a large protective barrier sheet that can be applied to skin before the pouch to protect it.

Anonymous - February 2019

Would recommend

Just started using UltraFrame flange extenders. Fab product. Easy to put on. Light and flexible to wear and don't leave any sticky residue on removal (unlike some other products which left a sticky black ring which was hard to remove). The adhesive remover is really good too. I would certainly recommend these products.UPDATE May 2019:Love this product. Gives that little bit of extra security. Easy to apply and equally easy to remove. So thin I can't feel them. I highly recommend them.

Chris De La Mar - October 2018

Security and Comfort

This new product is quite possibly the most comfortable and safe security seal on the market at present. It fits so snug to my skin and causes no irritation. It is so easy to use, and comes with detailed instructions. My congratulations to CliniMed for bringing this wonderful product online.

Finbarr Griffin - September 2018

Most fantastic product yet!

I was offered a sample of these and didn't read the fitting instructions. I didn't need them as every step is labelled 1,2,3,4. They were extraordinarily easy to use and once fitted onto my skin, I couldn't even see them! Extremely comfortable too which is always a bonus! I completed my sample evaluation form telling Clinimed how much I loved their new product and lo and behold, the very next day my bag leaked and because of the flange extenders being so very robust, I didn't have a problem at all and changed my bag safely. I think every ostomate should be given these flange extenders as they knock spots off any others I have tried!

Justine Kelly - July 2018

Active Ostomate

The UltraFrame flange extenders are delightful to apply and remove, and contour round my hernia. I am an active Ostomate and found the extenders hold up under pressure. They certainly increased confidence that the bag wasn't going to come off unexpectedly especially in the heat wave.

Mike Evans - July 2018

Flange extenders whilst on a cycling holiday

I have just recently trialled these new flange extenders whilst on a cycling holiday.Firstly they where a bit tricky to fit (although the instructions are excellent) and it took a few goes before I got it right. Once fitted there were very thin and barely noticeable. They stayed on whilst I cycled in 30C heat and also later on whilst sitting in the hot tub the flanges remained perfectly intact and the chlorine did not cause any problems with adhesion. They also coped with a kayaking session in the sea too, so sea water did not affect adhesion either.When removing the flanges I did not need to use any adhesive remover spray as they just peel straight off and also they did not interfere with the seal of my pouch either which is different to the current flange extenders I use as they have to be removed with the adhesive remover spray as they stick to the seal of my illeostomy pouch so that has to be changed as well if I want to remove the flange extenders.Therefore, I would thoroughly recommend these new flange extenders as they are very discrete and easy to remove. I intend to use them in the future for cycling and swimming and other activities when I require a bit of extra security.

Anonymous - July 2018

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