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Review This Product
Review This Product

Apeel adhesive remover wipes.

I found these so much kinder to my skin than the spray. The wipes are more convenient to put in an emergency pack, they wipe away more of the adhesive than the spray did and much kinder to the environment. I also have a habit of getting the spray everywhere including on the mirror, which when it dries, is very annoying as it clouds my mirror up with a tacky residue. With a wipe, it's all controlled and at my finger tips. Much prefer the wipes.

Kate - May 2020


I requested some adhesive remover wipes and spray. I put a Menopause patch on my thigh twice a week, and because they come off easily I tape them on round the edges, but this leave sticky substance on your legs which is hard to remove especially as I have sensitive skin. I have tried several brands of Adhesive remover wipes and you have to rub for a while to get the sticky substance off and they have all left red marks and weals on my legs and then they're sore for a few days. I came across these for Stoma patients and thought I'd try them. Well I'm so happy, they remove all the sticky substance with just a gentle wipe and don't leave any marks on my legs. These are absolutely brilliant.

Mrs Elaine Whitty - March 2020

What a difference!

I received appeal advance spray and liked it a lot .I had been changing my pouch without any product which meant I spent more time scraping off adhesive. What a difference the ease of changing was.

James Armit - July 2019

A must have accessory

I tried a sample of the Appeel adhesive remover spray. I've used the disposable wipes which are great. I'd moved to a new 2 piece ileostomy bag, and was finding the base plate adhered much more than my previous, and sometimes removing it was very painful. So thought I'd try the spray. Magic! A very stuck part of the base plate fell away as soon as I'd sprayed it. This will be on my future orders.

Karen Salisbury - June 2019

Adhesive Remover

Good for removing adhesive from the skin of the both the client and the bag also provides no stinging when removing the bag from the skin, and in certain circumstances can also save on LBF Wipes as this adhesive remover will remove most sticky stuff from the body. Over all a good item.

Mr David Brook - June 2019

Fantastic product

Removes the bag with little effort, leaving no residue behind.

Mr Dean Pollard - April 2019


I find the Appeel adhesive remover spray one of the best on the market! It’s a soft gentle spray and lifts the pouch off perfectly and doesn’t leave too much liquid behind! It is practically mist! Also the adhesive remover wipes are amazing. If you use dansac pouches you’ll find they tend to leave ALOT of residue behind but one wipe seems to lift it off straight away :)

Miss Jasmine Crawford - February 2019

I love it!

I am AMAZED at how long my appeel remover spray has lasted! I've been changing my stoma bag every day and this has lasted a good 15-20 bag changes! It’s still going strong too, I reckon it’ll be a total of 23 bags of use. And the wipes are handy too when going out, and for getting paste off!

Louise Hunt - July 2018

I liked the Appeel Advance

It made it very easy to remove the pouch and it dries very quickly.

Mr A.P. - SUDBURY - May 2016
Review This Product

What is Appeel?

Appeel is a no sting, silicone based medical adhesive remover.

How does Appeel work?

When the silicone comes into contact with the adhesive of the stoma device it temporarily changes the surface energy of the skin, disrupting the adhesive properties between skin and device. This facilitates gentle removal of the stoma bag.

Why use Appeel?

Appeel helps to reduce skin trauma associated with the repeated removal of adhesive stoma appliances, by facilitating quick and gentle removal. It dries quickly, leaving skin ready for the next adhesive application.

Will Appeel sting my skin?

As Appeel is alcohol free, it will not sting even on sore skin.

What sizes is Appeel available in?

Appeel is available as Appeel Advance 50ml Spray can or a box of 30 easy to use wipes. It is also available as a flushable wipe.

Is Appeel available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is Appeel nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

Will I have to clean Appeel off after I have used it?

No, Appeel dries in seconds as the silicone it contains evaporates completely from the skin.

Will Appeel affect the adhesion of my next pouch, sheath or dressing?

No, it evaporates completely, leaving no residue.

Products in this range


Appeel Advance Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

Pack Size: 1
Order Code: 3501

  • 360° delivery – use in any direction, even upside down
  • No cold sensation – comfortable application for sensitive skin
  • Quieter spray – discreet use
  • Minimum wastage - up to 99% emptying to maximise value
  • Compact can – for use away from home
  • Multiple pouch changes – convenient for regular use

Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes

Pack Size: 1 x 30 wipes
Order Code: 3505

  • 30 individually packaged wipes
  • Discreet
  • Convenient individual sachets for using at home or out and about

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