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Morform really helps

I have been lucky, after the original settling in, my colostomy has been unpredictable (due to its needs-must site) but not too bad. Ordinarily I use Morphorm if needed for minor upsets. For the 2nd time, I caught a tummy bug from a helper. This is a bit of a nightmare but the Morform is making the bag managable, which is incredibly helpful. Fluid quickly gels so capacity is no longer a worried guess,fears about disaster are eased, and disposal is easier because there is no liquid. I advise everyone to have this on hand. The sealed wallet keeps the little sachets 100% dry. Before using the Morphorm, I was struggling and trying not to panic. The bag changes still need to be speedy but I am not stressing about the used bag, everything is gelled at the bottom of the bag. It just takes the worry away, by stopping part of the nightmare! Morphorm works really well. I would strongly advise any ostomate to order it.

Catherine Joy - June 2021

Morform is definitely the best gelling agent for a high output stoma

I requested a sample of morform from clinimed following a phone call from one of their representatives. She was extremely pleasant and helpful.After trying many different samples from other companies the morform is definitely the best gelling agent for a high output stoma. It thickens instantly whereas some others take a while. I used the morform on a night time and this ment instead of getting up 3 to 4 times a night to empty the bag I was only getting up to empty my bag only once or not at all. Unfortunately the company can only send so many samples so for now I have run out but when I am well enough i will be visiting my GP to ask for the Morform Sachets to be added to my prescription. Thank you Clinimed this is a product which has helped me to actually get a full nights sleep.

Christine Ludlow - February 2017

Reduces very fluid output instantly to thicker manageable output

Reduces very fluid output instantly to thicker manageable output. Have struggled for 23 years until a very helpful person at 'Clinimed' suggested this would help. Immediate result.

dimelow - February 2017

Morform sachets

Absolutely brilliant.. No leaks on a very long journey,no squeaky noises. No taking loads of loperimide hydrochloride capsules beforehand. I can't thank them enough, please try them. They have given me so much more confidence to be able to travel distances without fear of leaks.

Carole - January 2015

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