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Review This Product

Hydroframe Flange with Manuka Honey

When I first had my colostomy bag I experienced leaks and instability for months which seriously affected my quality of life to the extent that at times I was frightened to leave the house in case my bag moved and caused a leak. Then my stoma nurse told me about Hydro Frame Flanges. I started using the Hydro frame Flange with Manuka 3 years ago and can honestly say they have been the answer to my prayers! I can now do many activities without the worry of leaks or bag movements. Since using these Flanges I have swam on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Been to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and rode in the worlds fastest speed boat in New Zealand!!! I can't recommend these enough - brilliant product! Thank you so much to the makers of Hydro frame Flanges with Manuka Honey for giving me my life back!

Mrs Susan Barnsley - August 2019

Max Comfort

These strips ensure maximum comfort in that they provide a good addition to your pouches by preventing leaks and because of the Manuka homey addition they prevent skin irritation.

Ian Reedman - August 2019


I use them all the time ,since using them I’ve had only a couple of leaks. It basically now give me more piece of mind.They are good.

Mr Andrew Hardy - August 2019

Fantastic product

This product is fantastic. It gives me extra peace of mind my bag won’t leak. I also use 2 when golfing to again Give me the assurance of extra adhesion stability.

Sean Reid - August 2019

Hydro frames

HydroFrame with Manuka honey are very good for making sure my pouch doesn’t come unstuck, I also stick the curved ends round my stoma. I know this it not what they are for but they are the only thing that really work for me. I have a hernia and my stoma is on the edge of my naval. My stoma nurse always tells me what good condition the skin around my stoma is in.

Mrs Ann Maidment - August 2019

Manuka Honey flange extenders

It is wonderful on my skin, no irritation at all and close fitting.

Mrs Linda Garvie - August 2019

Hydroframe Manuka honey

I have tried many flange extenders in the past, all of them making me sore, until I tried hydro frame with Manuka honey, overnight, no more soreness, so easy to apply, comfortable, full security and what is so important to me, I cold water swim all year and the hydro frame never lets me down, thanks to the Honey bee .

Mr Alan Martin - August 2019


I love these frames they are completely secure and flat and give me so much extra confidence when going out and staying away from home. I highly recommend them

Lyn Smith - August 2019

Hydro Frame Extensions

What a life saver! These frames extend pouch usage if the pouch is full or if there is a leak which gives the user time to get to a loo during an outing or at night. the use of honey based adhesive means a very comfortable fit and gentle on skin.

Mrs Susanne Willshaw - August 2019

flange extenders

I have used Hydro frame flange extenders for many years, they give me the confidence to travel about on coach journeys,Knowing that my bag will not leak if it gets extra full.

Mrs Doreen Wilson - August 2019

Hydro frames

I rely on these as I suffer from night sweats but before I had them it was difficult everyday

Mr Dave Francis - August 2019


Flange extenders which provide an extra-confidence layer against partial detachment and leakages. Easy to apply (and remove with the spray). Can be put in position,or replaced, after the initial bag-change Backing material divided into 3 sections for ease and convenience of application.

Mr Mike Ford - August 2019

Manuka Honey flange extenders

Great product which gives me confidence having that little bit extra holding my bag on...couldn’t do without it!

Mr Rob Stewart - August 2019

Manuka Honey flange extenders

I find these extenders excellent especially with the Manukau Honey, as I have very sensitive skin and I have no problems with my skin when using these. I would recommend these to all ostomates.

Mrs Judith Williams - August 2019

Hydro frames

Hydro frames gives me the confidence of knowing if I have a leak, the extra layer gives me valuable extra time to change my bag.

Miss Jessica Riches - August 2019

HydroFrame Flange Extenders

They provide me with both comfort and above all security. I could not manage without them.

Mrs Gillian Izard - August 2019

Hydroframe flange extenders

A great little product that gives me that little added confidence that I won’t experience a leak when exercising (or even just overnight). It is kind to my skin and once fitted I forget I have it on.

Mr Robin Turner - August 2019

HydroFrame® Flange Extenders

They do the job. Would be helpful if they were long enough to cover the entire circumference of the stoma pouch. I've experienced very little redness of the skin which may be down to the manuka honey.

Mr Jim Parrott - August 2019

Hydroframe with manuka honey

Use the all the time, excellent.

Mr Neil Brown - August 2019


Really good - help secure the stoma really well, especially over night.

Mrs Audrey Pyatt - August 2019

Manuka honey extenders and washers

I had an accident in my car about 15 years ago. The seat belt cut under my stoma and the surgeon cauterised it. As I got older my skin stretched which caused bad bleeding that wasn't helped by being on warfarin. I couldn't go anywhere, lost my confidence. Then I found Manuka honey extenders and washers, it felt like they saved my life, they have healed that wound completely. I can't live without them - CliniMed are the only company that make these. Now I go out without the fear of bleeding. Thank you CliniMed.

Mrs Patricia Hart - April 2019

Thank you

Your staff are so helpful.....being recommended to use HydroFrame has made me so much more confident .....after lots of problems with leakage. Thank you.

MR Geoffrey Willets - November 2018


Easy on, easy off and very secure in between while gentle on the skin.

Jaqui - November 2014

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