Stoma Problems - Sore Skin

I suffer from sore skin around my stoma - can you give me any tips?

What causes sore skin around my stoma?

Sore skin is often caused by wearing a stoma bag with the wrong hole size – the hole should normally fit snugly around your stoma. The wrong hole size allows output to seep onto the surrounding skin. If this occurs, the stoma should be re-measured by using the backing paper of the adhesive as a guide. You may want to stand in front of a mirror to do this. You can also call our CliniMed Careline on 0808 1596017 for a measuring guide.

Once you are happy that your stoma size is correct, a home delivery service such as SecuriCare (Medical) Ltd, one of CliniMed’s sister companies, can cut the hole in the adhesive flange of your stoma bags to fit your stoma.

Products to help with sore skin 

Uneven surfaces around the stoma can also affect the adhesion of the stoma bag, potentially giving rise to leaks and sore skin. You might want to try an adhesive flange extender like HydroFrame for extra security, or washers like Hyperseal to enable a good fit.

Silicone-based skincare products LBF and Appeel help maintain skin integrity in your stoma care routine. Appeel is a medical adhesive remover that enables you to lift the stoma bag flange gently and easily from the skin, drying quickly so that skin is ready for the next application. LBF no sting skin barrier forms a protective film that shields the skin from damage and provides an ideal base for the adhesion of stoma bags.

Our CliniMed Careline team can talk through your routine and try and establish why you might be experiencing sore skin, and what you can do to help. Give them a call on 0808 1596017.

SecuriCare - Support Service & Supplies Delivery

Our sister company, SecuriCare, provide a full support service for any problems you may be having. Knowledgeable friendly advice, stoma care nursing team, plus all your stoma, continence and skin care products delivered direct to your door for free, alongside your other prescription medications.

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