Stoma Problems - Pancaking

What can I do about my stoma bag pancaking?

What is pancaking?

Pancaking is when a vacuum occurs in the stoma bag and the bag sticks together, preventing the contents from dropping to the bottom. Faeces remain at the top of the bag which can potentially block the filter, and the bag can also be forced off the body. This can happen with an ileostomy or colostomy.

Tips to prevent stoma bag pancaking

One tip is to blow air into the stoma bag before you put it on, which will help to stop a vacuum occurring. Some people find that it helps to roll up toilet paper into a cigarette shape and drop it into the bag. A drop of oil (use baby oil or olive oil) opposite the aperture can sometimes help the output to slide to the bottom of the bag (though do not use this with our Aura Flushable colostomy bag as it can damage the inner liner).

Our CliniMed Careline team can talk through your ileostomy or colostomy bag changing routine, try to establish why you might be experiencing problems with pancaking, and what you can do to help. Give them a call on 0808 1596017.

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What is pancaking?

Pancaking is when the stool sits around the stoma site. It can happen with colostomies or ileostomy and generally occurs if patients need to increase their fluid and fibre intake.

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