Stoma Bag Leaking

I find that my stoma bag leaks - what can I do?

Why do stoma bags leak?

Stoma bag leaks can occur for a variety of reasons. One reason could be that the hole in your stoma bag, which should be a snug fit, is too large. If you suspect that this may be causing your leaks, you should re-measure your stoma using a measuring guide. Alternatively, you might be applying your stoma bag incorrectly which could be resulting in creases in the adhesive. If you would like a free measuring guide or advice about how to correctly apply your stoma bag, you can call the CliniMed Careline on 0808 1596 017.

Using the right stoma bags and products can help prevent leaks

Leaks may also be caused by using inappropriate stoma bags for irregular stoma sites, such as a stoma which is sited in a crease or a dip, or a retracted/recessed stoma. There are stoma bags available which are specifically designed to counteract the problems experienced with these types of stomas, such as Aura Convex. If you have a parastomal hernia and are experiencing leaks you may wish to try using a stoma bag with a mouldable, inverted flange such as Aura Profile. Stoma pastes are also useful for creating a smoother, more even surface on skin with dips and scar lines. They create a perfect seal; reducing the chance of fluid leaking beneath the flange.

Skin that is too moist can also cause leaks, so make sure your skin is dry before applying the stoma bag.

If you are unsure what might be causing your bag leaks, consult your Stoma Care Nurse in the first instance. The CliniMed Careline team can also talk through your stoma care routine with you to establish what the cause might be, and provide advice about what might help. Give them a call on 0808 1596 017.

Products relating to Leaking

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