How do I keep my stoma bag from ballooning?

What is ballooning? 

Ballooning is the opposite problem to pancaking – your stoma bag can sometimes blow up with wind, or be pushed off. This can happen with an ileostomy or colostomy.

Stoma Bag Ballooning

Preventing stoma bag ballooning

If the stoma bag you use doesn’t have a filter, you may wish to try one. Our CliniMed Careline team (who you can call on 0808 159 6017) can talk you through the many options. If you are using a filter cover, try removing it (if you are using it to prevent pancaking, replace once the wind has dispersed). If your stoma bag has a filter and you are still experiencing problems, it may be that you are suffering from excess wind. Spicy foods, some vegetables (onions, cabbage, peas, beans) and fizzy drinks can exacerbate this. Try cutting these out to see if it makes a difference and try not to eat or drink too fast to avoid swallowing excess air. Eating regular meals may also reduce the build up of gas. You can ring our CliniMed Careline for a detailed Nutritional Advice booklet, or download one from our resources section.

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