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How to use

CliniSorb is indicated for the management of malodorous wounds. It can be used on fungating wounds and a variety of other chronic wounds with good results.

  • CliniSorb can be cut to size if necessary
  • CliniSorb can be applied either side down
  • A secondary dressing can be applied on top of CliniSorb if appropriate
  • CliniSorb can be secured in place using adhesive tape or in a manner appropriate for the indication
  • Change when necessary


Not indicated as a primary dressing for dry wounds. 

How CliniSorb works

The activated charcoal surface in the dressing electrostatically attracts volatile fatty acids and adsorbs them, to prevent odour escaping.


For more information on indications for CliniSorb, please view the wound classification model by clicking here.

If you would like to try a free sample of CliniSorb click here