Farco-fill Protect

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Farco-fill Protect

Up to 50% of long-term catheterised patients will suffer from catheter encrustation and blockage as a result of urease-producing bacteria, particularly Proteus mirabilis1. Unplanned hospital admissions for blocked catheters cost the NHS approximately £18 million per year2. Fortunately there is a potential solution for these patients, Farco-fill Protect.

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Improving patients’ quality of life and providing cost-savings to the NHS

What is Farco-fill Protect?

  • Farco-fill Protect is a sterile solution for the inflation of the urinary catheter balloon containing the antimicrobial agent triclosan.
  • Farco-fill Protect may help to reduce blockages caused by encrustation.
  • In a 4 week clinical evaluation of Farco-fill Protect, catheter wear time was increased by an average of ten days and the total cost of prescriptions was reduced by 57%3.
  • Farco-fill Protect may also minimise or even eliminate the need for catheter maintenance solutions, avoiding disruption to the closed drainage system.

Farco-fill Protect provides benefits for both health care professionals and patients:

Patients who suffer from chronic catheter blockages can benefit from:

  • Longer catheter wear time
  • Reduced painful catheter changes
  • Decreased emergency call outs and hospital admissions as a result of blocked catheters
  • Confidence to enjoy life without the worry of blockage

Health care professionals can benefit from:

  • More time to concentrate on other patients due to fewer catheter changes
  • Cost savings, as fewer devices and less nursing time is required
  • Reduced call outs and emergency admissions as a result of blocked catheters
  • Improved quality of life for your patients

Available in prefilled syringes of 10ml, Farco-fill Protect is used in the same way as conventional catheter balloon inflation solutions offering peace of mind.

Farco-fill Protect is now available on prescription. For more information or to request a free  sample click here

Please note: samples can only be ordered by healthcare professionals

1. Getliffe K. Managing recurrent urinary catheter blockage: problems, promises, and practicalities J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 2003;30:146–151

2. The Medical Technology Group. Admissions of failure. The truth about unplanned NHS admissions in England. 2015. Available at: http://www.mtg.org.uk/unplannedadmissons. Accessed September 2016.

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