CliniMed’s urology and incontinence products utilise new and innovative technologies, designed with both healthcare professionals and users in mind.

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Incontinence and Urology


CliniMed’s incontinence products utilise new and innovative technologies that are designed with both healthcare professionals and users in mind. Our Curan range of Catheters are designed for people with incontinence who carry out intermittent self-catheterisation. All the catheters are supplied in individual sterile single use pouches and feature polished eyelets, making insertion and removal easy and preventing irritation. BioDerm is an external continence device for men, and CliniFix is a tube fixation device which is ideal to use alongside BioDerm. Also recommended for use with urinary sheaths or BioDerm are Appeel and LBF our no sting skin care products. Instillagel is an anaesthetic, antiseptic, lubricating urethral gel which is administered by health professionals to patients prior to catheterisaiton.

You can order free samples of most of these products on-line and there is also information on our SecuriCare home delivery service if you would like your products delivered, free of charge, directly to your home.

Continence care

The education section gives you background information on incontinence and includes treatment options and lifestyle advice. Practical support is also available in the frequently asked questions and there are links to helpful support groups