Stoma FAQs

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Stoma FAQs

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When you first have your stoma there may be many questions you want to ask. Some of these may be answered by your stoma care nurse in hospital or in the clinic. However, many questions may arise at a later date.

Answers to some frequently asked quesitons are listed below.  If you cannot find the information you need please contact our live advisors, email or call the CliniMed Careline on 0800 0360100             

About My Stoma

What is a stoma?
I have been told I need stoma surgery - how should I prepare?
What should my stoma look like?
What is the normal output for a stoma? 
What happens with stoma reversal?
What is an ostomate?
Where can I find a stoma care nurse? 

Stoma Bags

What Is a stoma bag
Is it stoma bag or stoma pouch?
What kind of stoma bag do I need? 
What is the difference between one-piece stoma bags and two-piece stoma bags?
How do I dispose of my stoma bag? 

Stoma Care

I have a colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy - is there a special diet I should follow?
I have a colostomy/ ileostomy and diarrhoea - what should I do? 
I have a colostomy and constipation - what should I do?
I have an ileostomy - why do I sometimes get blockage?
My stoma is prone to bleeding - can you give me any advice?
I have a stoma and have developed a hernia - is there any special advice I should take?
What should I do if I experience phantom rectum pains? 
My stoma lies in a dip or crease - what should I do?
My stoma is retracted - what should I do?
What can I do about an odd-shaped stoma?
I find odour a problem with my stoma - what can I do?
I suffer from sore skin around my stoma - can you give me any tips? 
What should I do if I experience a skin reaction around my stoma?
Why do I often find it difficult to get my stoma bag to stay on my body?
I find that my stoma bag leaks - what can I do?
What can I do about my stoma bag pancaking?
What can I do about my stoma bag ballooning?
How can I reduce excessive wind from my Stoma?

Stoma and Lifestyle

How do I bathe and shower with my stoma?
Can I swim whilst wearing my normal stoma bag?
Do you have any advice on fashion with a stoma?