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Amazing stuff

I used this when I had a rectal prolapse (prior to pan-proctocolectomy) and it was amazing. I was in agony but this helped ease pain pleerectly in the area affected.

Emma Goodridge-Hobson - September 2018

Why Choose Instillagel?

Instillagel is the only anaesthetic antiseptic lubricating gel which is also a licensed medicine.

Instillagel is a tried and trusted medicine that has been available globally for 30 years. There are other catheterisation gels available that contain the same ingredients as Instillagel, however these other gels are all medical devices, not medicines.

Does it matter if I use a medicine or medical device?

Gels classed as medical devices, can be used primarily for their lubricating action. If you are selecting a gel to provide pain relief or local anaesthetic, a medicine should be used.

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Preferred by patients over lubricating gel alone (5)

Using a medicine provides the reassurance of consistent levels of active ingredients in the product.

Instillagel is steam sterilised, whilst other medical device gels which are sterilised by gamma radiation are susceptible to degradation of lidocaine and chlorhexidine, build-up of degradation products and reduced viscosity.2

Why Should I choose a gel containing chlorhexidine?

In 2013/14 alone, the NHS spent £434million on treating 184,000 patients in unplanned admissions due to urinary tract infections (UTI’s).3 As over 75% of UTI’s are associated with a urethral catheter4, the antiseptic properties of chlorhexidine cannot be ignored in regards to reducing the risk of these catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI’s).

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Broad-spectrum antimicrobial coverage (6)

Why Instillagel (licensed medicine) should be your catheterisation gel of choice:

Instillagel is a licensed medicine that you can rely on. You can be confident that Instillagel has undergone rigorous testing to establish its efficacy and safety profile, with assurance that it continues to be monitored.


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