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Secure at last

Having used micropore tape, then Coloplast G-Straps I have now found Clinifix and all is right with the world! Easy to apply, easy to remove, secure and simple, what's not to like. My skin integrity has improved and I haven't had any mishaps with displacement or pulling. I use the large size for my supra-pubic catheter, then the small size for securing my PEG feeding tube. They are comfortable and I forget that I am wearing them. They last around 7 days, you can tell when they are ready for replacement as they start to peel. They are removed painlessly and without skin damage. Highly recommended.
Paul Brockbank - January 2016

Absolutely brilliant!!

I found the Clinifix Medical Tube Holder whilst searching all over the Internet for something more comfortable, less awkward to use. The products that I was using were dreadful! I have had a supra-pubic catheter fitted, and you get no information on what is available at all. The Clinifix holder is absolutely brilliant. It's so comfortable you don't know that you have it on! I had two samples sent to me (I requested them online). The first one lasted seven days, and two showers. The second one is up to six days, and again, two showers. Marvellous! Also, the Customer Service assistants are brilliant. They have all the time in the world to help you, and give you advice on other products that are as reliable. On the whole, brilliant product, brilliant customer service!
Michele OBrien - May 2015
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