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Is BioDerm right for me?

BioDerm is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised men however, you must be able to gently pull back the foreskin (if present). If the foreskin doesn’t move then BioDerm is not the right product for you.

Use BioDerm if:

  • You are a sheath user and you are experiencing leaks or your sheath falling off during the day or at night, disrupting your sleep
  • You are a sheath user and you have sore or fragile skin
  • You have retracted anatomy or retracted anatomy when sitting
  • Your anatomy has a narrow shaft and a larger tip
  • You have frequent erections, causing your current product to dislodge

What is male urinary incontinence?

Male urinary incontinence is any involuntary leakage of urine. It can be a common and distressing problem which may have a profound impact on the quality of a man’s life.

What are the risk factors for male urinary incontinence?

Risk factors can include:

  • Increasing age – urinary incontinence becomes more common as you get older
  • Family history – there may be a genetic link to male incontinence
  • Disability – conditions affecting your brain or spinal cord such as multiple sclerosis or dementia.
  • Prostatectomy – an operation to remove your prostate gland, for example, if you have prostate cancer
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) – symptoms that affect the bladder and urethra

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What is the adaptation phase?

BioDerm is made from a hydrocolloid material which is skin-friendly and sticks well with the warmth of your skin. When you first start using BioDerm if your skin is very damp you may need to replace BioDerm more often. This is because the hydrocolloid has absorbed the excess moisture. If this happens you must put another BioDerm immediately back on and be committed to this adaptation phase while the hydrocolloid returns the skin back to its natural balance. This phase normally takes 24-72 hours after the first application depending on the condition of the skin.

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