Incontinence Products

CliniMed distributes a range of innovative incontinence products

Curan catheters

Curan catheters are designed for men and women who carry out intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC).

Curan Man intermittent catheter and Curan Lady intermittent catheter intermittent catheter are compact and discreet, easy to open and have a gel chamber that ensures a smooth mess-free coating. They also feature smooth polished eyelets, making insertion and removal easy, to help prevent irritation.

The Curan Advantage intermittent catheter range includes a male, female and unisex option. This range of hydrophilic catheters, all have an integrated sterile water sachet that’s easy to use, providing quick and fresh activation. The smooth hydrophilic ComfortCoat® provides low friction and prolongs lubrication to ensure comfort on both insertion and removal.

Free incontinence product samples

You can order free samples for most of these products here on our website. Or, if you would like your products delivered, free of charge, directly to your home you can order them via SecuriCare, our sister company home delivery service.

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