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LBF Barrier Cream used in palliative skin care

This time last year I was helping to care for my Dad who was in the latter stages of his cancer fight. Due to the horrible treatments for his cancer he had a terrible time with diarrhoea and just out of desperation I thought about trying a soothing barrier cream for his poor bum. LBF BarrIer Cream was the first product I managed to find in my supplies cupboard and I grabbed it and gave it to my Dad. It was fantastic at easing the redness, soreness and discomfort he was suffering which helped him a lot during that time.

Jason Dale - February 2014

LBF Barrier Cream case study

LBF Barrier Cream was used on a 72 year old man with fractures in the lumbar region of his spine, resulting in paralysis below the waist and a loss of normal bowel and bladder control. He had recently become very constipated due to a reduced fluid intake and altered diet (his wife and primary carer had been unwell and admitted to hospital) and was now experiencing overflow diarrhoea. It was important to maintain skin integrity as he was undergoing increased bowel management strategies, including stool softeners and gentle laxatives to relieve the ongoing constipation. At the start of the evaluation, his skin was very red and dry. LBF Barrier Cream was used after each episode of incontinence and by day seven the redness was significantly reduced and his skin appeared well hydrated.

Jacqui Fletcher - Project Director at Welsh Wound Innovation Centre - November 2013
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How should I apply LBF Barrier Cream?

Clean the area of skin where the cream is to be applied by removing any faeces or urine. After cleaning, dry the skin and apply LBF Barrier Cream to the area as required.

How often should I re-apply LBF Barrier Cream?

You can re-apply the cream as required.

How should I remove LBF Barrier Cream?

It is not necessary to remove the cream between applications.

Is LBF Barrier Cream available on NHS prescription?

Yes it is.

Is LBF Barrier Cream nurse prescribable?

Yes it is.

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LBF Barrier Cream 100g

Pack Size: 1 x 100g
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LBF Barrier Cream 30g

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LBF Barrier Cream Sachets

Pack Size: 20 x 2g
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