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Review This Product

Why do I need to secure my catheter or leg bag tubing?

A catheter securement device such as the CliniSure catheter retaining strap or CliniFix are used to help prevent trauma to your urethra from inadvertent tube movement. This can be very painful and create a high risk of infection.

How do I choose the right size?

Using a measuring tape, measure around where you intend to wear the strap (either leg or abdomen). Once you have the desired length, cut the strap to the correct size by measuring from the bottom of the elastic on the strap.

Can I reuse the strap?

Yes, the CliniSure catheter retaining strap can be washed at 60oC and reused. There are 5 straps provided in each box to enable you to rotate wear.

How can I dispose of the strap?

The strap can be disposed of in material recycling or general waste.

Products in this range


CliniSure sterile leg bags

  • A choice between lever tap or T-tap outlet
  • A choice between soft short or long tubing depending on the leg bag positioning
  • Quick-dry soft backing for extra comfort

CliniSure sterile night drainage bags

  • A choice between lever tap or T-tap outlet
  • Soft tubing for extra comfort
  • Date-fitted box to ensure easy monitoring of how long the night drainage bag has been in use

CliniSure Urinary Sheath

  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Perforated packaging makes each individual sheath easy to open in any direction
  • Discreet, no noise packaging

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