Returning Home

Returning Home Clinimed

Leaving hospital

Before you go home, the Stoma Care Nurse will ensure you are happy with looking after your stoma and feel able to manage. On arriving home, you will receive visits from your Stoma Care Nurse and/or Community Nurse plus many hospitals hold regular stoma clinics. You will have been given enough supplies of stoma bags to keep you going until your doctor gives you a prescription for the stoma products you need. You will be exempt from prescription charges if you are over 60, and at any age if your stoma is permanent.

Obtaining your stoma supplies

The Stoma Care Nurse will explain the different ways to obtain supplies, as there are a few options. You can order from the local chemist once you get the prescription from the GP. Some areas now have an appliance management service where you will order from a centralised team, although you still have the choice of who dispenses the products. Or, you can order through a home delivery company who can request the script on your behalf, providing your GP consents. A home delivery company such as our sister company, SecuriCare, delivers supplies directly to your door free of charge. SecuriCare also provides additional services including a cutting service (if required) for your stoma bags.

Whichever option you choose, the dispenser will need a little time to obtain your products so you will need to order before your stocks are too low.

SecuriCare - Free Home Delivery & Support Service

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