Stoma Bag Changing - Preparation

Preparation for stoma bag changing

The ideal setting for changing your stoma bag is the bathroom but it can be done anywhere you are comfortable and have space to lay out the items you need.

Before starting your bag change, make sure you have the following to hand:

  • Warm water, either in a bowl or from the tap if close by
  • Non-woven wipes (tissue is not ideal as it can break up easily when wet)
  • Polythene disposal bags
  • Medical adhesive remover if required (e.g. Appeel spray or wipes)
  • Fresh stoma bag
  • Deodorant spray if required (e.g. Limone)

The next step after preparation is the actual changing of your stoma bag which involves emptying and disposal of your old bag as part of this process.

Preparing To Change A Stoma Bag

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