Emptying And Disposing Of Your Stoma Bag

Emptying and disposing of your used stoma bag

The method of emptying and disposing varies according to the type of stoma bags that you use:

Drainable and urostomy bags

Empty the contents of your stoma bag into the toilet, then place the used pouch and any wipes into a disposal bag. Seal the bag and put into the domestic refuse bin, then wash your hands.

Colostomy bags

Put the bag, along with its contents and any wipes, into a disposal bag. Seal the bag and put into the domestic refuse bin and then wash your hands. Alternatively, some colostomates with looser output may prefer to cut the bag and empty the contents into the toilet before disposal.

If you are using Aura Flushable colostomy bags, you can flush the inner liner and flange in domestic toilets, septic tanks and single flush siphonic systems, meaning only the clean outer pouch needs to be disposed of in the bin.

Domestic Waste versus Clinical Waste services

While it is fine to dispose of used stoma bags into normal domestic waste, some local authorities offer a ‘yellow bag’ clinical waste service for stoma bags if you prefer. They will provide the yellow bags and collect the waste. Contact your local council for information but please note there may be a charge for the service

Disposing Of A Stoma Bag

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