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Review This Product
Review This Product

Convex ileostomy bag

I was advised by the stoma nurse to try the convex style of bag because of 'pancaking' in the early months. It has been successful in preventing this problem. I now use the drainable bag because I feel more confident going out and being able to drain rather than have to remove the bag. The inclusion of Manuka honey does help protect my skin.

Chris Hyde - August 2019

Aura Convex

Since changing to a Convex pouch I have had no leaks and this has helped my confidence no end. I seen my stoma nurse as I was having leaks on a daily basis and she recommended I try a Convex pouch. I was apprehensive at first and didn't think it would help,but it did and I would recommend this pouch. It really has made a positive difference to my daily living with an ileostomy.

Mr David Chadaway - April 2019

Love these products.

Easy to use. Comfortable to wear. The adhesive with Manuka honey ensure no irritation. The convex ensure that my stoma is raised sufficiently which means output does not seep under the flange.

Ms Christine De La Mar - April 2019

Much better adhesive

The internal ring (dome) was much better from an adhesive aspect.

Mr T, East Midlands - May 2017

Are an improvement

On initial use I have found the pouches are an improvement and would order in future. Didn’t use the washer or flange extenders that I usually use with my current pouch.

Mr L, Buckinghamshire - May 2017

Better for my skin!

My skin does not seem to be so sensitive around the stoma. The area around the stoma that was broken is nearly completely repaired.

Mr J, West Midlands - May 2017

Holds its shape better and comfortable to wear

I think because of the different design of the bag it holds its shape much better. Overall, the pouch is comfortable to wear (Very light) and I would use this pouch happily.

Miss M, Scotland - May 2017

Healthy skin

The skin looked and felt healthy

Mr E, Dorset - May 2017

Better at controlling odour and lighter than current pouch

It is very good at controlling odour at least 80%. Pouch seems lighter in weight than my current pouch.

Mr P, West Midlands - May 2017

Felt more confident wearing this new pouch

I felt so much better wearing the new pouch, more confident to go out.

Mrs T, East Midlands - May 2017

Less itching and no leaks

I have had less itching under the flange than normal. The pouches I usually use are very good but I do feel they leak, even small, slight leaks under the flange leaks, quite regularly. I have not felt the Aura Convex have done this. The bag stayed securely between changes and leakages – even minor ones- were rare.

Mrs M, East Midlands - May 2017

Better odour control, no residue from the flange and more discreet

Odour control appeared to be better than with normal pouch – a big plus! The product is definitely better than my existing pouch. Skin did feel softer and the discolouration appeared slightly reduced. Little or no residue from the flange, plus generally easier to “peel off”. Was fine after 1 hour in the swimming pool, the integrity of the flange after exposure to water is better, as there was virtually no disintegration or crumbling of the flange. The shape of the pouch together with the softer/thinner flange mean that it is more discreet.

Ms B, North East - May 2017

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