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Review This Product

Convex closed - an enormous difference

I am so pleased with convex bag, after 5 years of the hospital issued ones, I came by them on chance.Took them to the clinic for fitting I was told the old ones were of no use to me. I really think the hospital was shocked that I had found them without their help.I haven't looked back since (no more accidents) which was embarrassing, they are comfortable especially with hernias they fit so comfortably and are so snug, the honey stops any soreness from the adhesive like the others. The flange is so strong around the stoma, it actually protects it and stops it getting sore from my clothes rubbing.I really think that after care in hospitals should know about these, they really do make an enormous difference to your life I thank you.

Mrs Ann Brooks - August 2019

More comfortable, with some excellent features

Aura Convex does not retain air so does not balloon.The adhesive sticks straight away, compared to my current pouch that sometimes adheres in an accordion fashion on one or two areas. More comfortable, did not balloon and fill with air. A bit easier to apply and remove. A feature that I found excellent is the fact that the pouch enables you to view the whole inside of the pouch.

Mrs A - June 2018


The Aura Convex with Manuka Honey is absolutely brilliant. I have a very difficult stoma, being retracted, convex and downward pointing. After 2 years of constant problems I switched to this product and haven't looked back since. The sense of security it gives is second to none and my skin has never looked so good. Well done CliniMed, Welland and SecuriCare. 10/10

Karen Hobbs - June 2018

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