Where Can I Find A Stoma Care Nurse?

You will be allocated a Stoma Care Nurse by the hospital at the time of your operation. If the operation is planned, you will normally meet the Stoma Care Nurse before the operation and they will explain everything to you, show you stoma bags and help suggest a site for the stoma which works for you and your clothes. The surgeon will then do their best to form the stoma in the position chosen, although this may not always be possible. If your surgery is an emergency you may not meet the Stoma Care Nurse until after your operation but they will then explain everything and ensure you are happy with your stoma routine.

The Stoma Nurse Clinics section of this website will also help you find one of our Stoma Care Nurses in your particular area. Nurses hold regular clinics but are also available for help and advice outside these times. You can always go to your Stoma Care Nurse if you have questions or problems.

Our CliniMed Careline team can also help with many issues to do with stoma management, talking through your problems to help find a solution. They are knowledgeable about stoma bags and accessories of all brands, and can assist you in finding the right products for your particular needs. Give them a call on 0808 159 6017.

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