What Stoma Bag Will Fit My Odd-Shaped Stoma?

Stomas come in all different shapes and sizes. Your Stoma Care Nurse will cut the bags to size at first and you should have this checked over the first few weeks as stomas often shrink after the operation. Once the size and shape of the stoma has settled, home delivery services like SecuriCare (Medical) Ltd, one of CliniMed’s sister companies, can cut the hole in the adhesive flange of your stoma bag to fit your stoma. If you have an odd shaped stoma, you can send them a template to ensure it is cut just right.

If you experience any difficulty in applying your stoma bag, please contact your local stoma care nurse to discuss alternatives. You can also call our CliniMed Careline on 0808 1596017 to discuss what products might be suitable for your stoma.

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What can I do about an odd shaped stoma?

Stomas come in all different shapes and sizes. They're not all round as you see in a textbook, but your stoma nurse will manage this for you by checking the template each time you're seen in hospital, and also once you've gone home. If you're having home visits, they can continue to check this, and the pouches can be cut to the correct size after six to eight weeks following surgery.

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