What Is A Stoma Bag?

A stoma bag, also known as a stoma pouch, is secured to the abdomen with adhesive and is used to collect output from a stoma. The bags are available in three types depending on which type of stoma you have:

Colostomy Bags (Closed Bags)

These stoma bags are used with a colostomy as output tends to be quite solid, like a traditional stool. Wearers have to change their bag each time it’s full – which could be between one and three times a day on average. Wearers may opt to use a pouch like the Aura Flushable which enables them to flush their waste as anybody else would.

Ileostomy Bags (Drainable Bags)

These stoma bags are for people who have an ileostomy or colostomies with looser output which needs emptying too often to use a closed bag The opening at the bottom of the drainable bag allows wearers to drain their output into the toilet rather than changing their pouch every time it is full. Some people with an ileostomy may have a thicker output, or use a product like Morform to thicken it, so are able to use a colostomy bag like the Aura Flushable.

Urostomy Bags

Urostomies are stomas created to divert the flow of urine from the kidneys and ureters through a piece of small bowel and out through the stoma. A urostomy pouch is worn over the stoma at all times and emptied by a tap at the end of the bag.

We offer a wide range of stoma bags and some of them come with a 2-piece option where the flange is separate from the bag, so wearers don’t have to remove the flange each time they have a bag change – they can just remove the bag and connect a new one to the existing flange.

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What is a stoma bag?

A stoma bag is the bag or pouch that you wear over your stoma to contain the output.

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