One-Piece versus Two-Piece Stoma Bags - What's the Difference?

One Piece bags

One-piece stoma bags are fixed around the stoma by means of an adhesive flange. When changing for a fresh one, the whole stoma bag is removed and a new one applied in its place.

The type of adhesive flange varies with different types and makes, so it is worth experimenting to find one that suits you. All CliniMed’s range of stoma bags, for example, are affixed with a HyperFlex® hydrocolloid flange. HyperFlex is kind to skin and extremely conformable to your body shape, making it very secure. This helps to prevent leaks and avoid soreness around the stoma. Click for guidelines on how to change your one-piece stoma bag.

An advance in stoma bag technology was the development of a flushable closed one-piece bag, Aura Flushable. The inner liner and flange can be flushed in domestic toilets, septic tanks and single flush siphonic systems, without worrying about whether there will be facilities to dispose of the waste. The inner liner and flange, along with the waste, flushes away so you are simply left with a clean outer cover to pop in a pocket or handbag and dispose of at your convenience.

Aura Flushable Midi Bag CliniMed

Two Piece bags

Two-piece stoma bags have an adhesive flange / baseplate that fits round the stoma, with separate bags that are attached to the flange. The adhesive flange is left in position and a new bag is fixed to it when required. The flange is usually changed every two or three days. Click for guidelines on how to change your two-piece stoma bag.

Aura 2 Piece Closed Colostomy Bag Midi CliniMed
Flange For Two Piece Pouch

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