My Stoma Lies In A Dip Or Crease - What Should I Do?

If you are not experiencing problems with your stoma bag then there is no need for concern. However, sometimes dips or creases around the stoma (often more apparent when bending or sitting) can cause leaks or lead to the bag not adhering well to the skin.

If you are having a problem with leakage, ask your stoma nurse for a review to check there are no other causes for the issues. There are various products that can help you even out the surface and ensure a good seal between adhesive and skin. You may want to try Hyperseal washers and HydroFrame flange extenders for extra security, or filler paste. There are also specifically designed stoma bags like Aura Profile colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy bags, which have a soft flexible flange that gently moulds to your body’s shape.

Our CliniMed Careline team are available on 0808 1596017 for advice on all aspects of stoma care, including all brands of products and problems you might be experiencing.

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